Male reporters outnumber females in Politico’s Hillary-friendly poll

Anyone who’s worked in media knows most people in the industry lean Democrat. So results of a survey conducted by Politico shouldn’t surprise us. What did surprise me is the pool of respondents when it comes to gender. 

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Politico quizzed 80 reporters covering presidential campaigns. From the pool’s top bet on who will win the US presidential election to organizations doing the “best job” covering the races, answers suggest a hefty Democrat bias.

Media bias is stronger in a national election. State and local races usually draw more coverage from regional or state newspapers and media who are held more accountable by their audience.

I remain convinced local reporters would do a better job hosting national debates than any of the big brand names who currently enjoy the spotlight in presidential exchanges.

National election coverage is dominated by legacy brands like The New York Times. That paper’s largest shareholder, by the way, is Mexican oligarch Carlos Slim. Does that impact the newspaper’s liberal bent on US border security and visa policies for certain industries? Yes, the question is rhetorical.

Of the media workers surveyed, 86 percent believe Hillary Clinton will win the White House. Asked to name media doing the best job of covering the campaign, respondents picked The Washington Post. That is the newspaper where the infamous Journolist founder worked. That list enabled media workers to strategize to help Barack Obama win the White House.  The strategies included targeting conservative journalists and labeling them as “racist.”

You may laugh to avoid crying, but BuzzFeed was also selected as one of the best covering the campaigns.

Who did these media workers select as best of their best? Maggie Haberman, NYTer, whose pedigree is hard left. The NYT, by the way, enthusiastically labels Republicans but chooses not to call leftists like Bernie Sanders a socialist, and an addled one at that.

The pool also chose Fox News as best debate host. I’m sure there are fond memories of the debate that opened with a Fox anchor slamming Donald Trump for his attitudes towards women. Too bad none of these leftist water carriers never ask Bill Clinton about his attitudes towards women and how they’ve affected the other half of the Clinton dynasty hoping to take the White House again. And again.

It’s no secret the majority of media workers lean Democrat, and Politico’s poll means very little except for one point Republican candidates should drill into the voting public.

When you read most national newspapers or watch most national newscasts, you’re getting a Democrat’s view of policy and politics. If you weren’t, Hillary Clinton would already be toast for the horrific job she did as Obama’s secretary of state and for the anti-middle class legacy her 1990s healthcare proposals ultimately foisted on the majority of Americans who work. You could fill a book with questions media won’t ask Mrs. Clinton.

At present, leftwing media aren’t the only media attacking the GOP frontrunner. A sizable share of rightwing media are doing the same. Both are serving Mrs. Clinton’s campaign well.

Politico featured results of the survey with an assortment of graphics. The page didn’t do as well on my laptop as it did on my iPad, because on my laptop, it kept freezing. Just thought I’d share that in case the same thing happens to you.

There’s one more thing. Oddly considering media’s obsession with all things gender-related, the number of males surveyed surpassed the number of females by 22 percent. Is media also biased towards males? Is Politico? (Commentary by Kay B. Day/April 28, 2016)

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