Democrats love a border wall as long as it’s not in the US


Photo of Tunisia circa 1899; Detroit Publishing via US Library of Congress.

Saying one thing and doing another is a bipartisan political tradition, but US funding to help provide security along Tunisia’s border takes the prize for hypocrisy.

President Barack Obama, Dems’ presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton, and various ethnic profiteer groups have assailed presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump for proposing a wall on the US southern border.

Tunisia map

Map of Tunisia from CIA World Factbook.

Money from wealthy donors allied with Democrats has allegedly funded protests where foreign nationals and US citizens have attacked Trump as “racist.” Trump is one of the only politicians to call attention to the crime we import via our open border. Democrats and their allies in media appear unconcerned that Obama’s Dept. of Homeland Security confessed distributing more than 80,000 foreign nationals who are criminals into the US Interior in a two-year period.

There are, however, no protests when Democrats fund border security in other countries. Media did report on the wall for Tunisia, but ignored the giant double standard preceding it.

In December, 2015, the president spoke to media, emphasizing the importance of closing the border between Turkey and Syria and securing the border between Turkey and Greece.

Now according to Agence France Presse, the president “has agreed to fund a multi-million-dollar project to install an electronic security surveillance system on Tunisia’s border with strife-torn Libya.” Total cost to US taxpayers tops $24 million. Tunisia spent $5 million said Vice. Double irony exists in the fact Tunisia planned to ask open-border European countries to help fund the rest of the costs.

When Obama spoke in December, he noted securing borders would help Turkey deal with drugs and migrants.

Not a single reporter has asked any Democrat, including that party’s scandal-plagued frontrunner Mrs. Clinton, about the double standard.

Walls are apparently great for national security in other countries. Democrats just don’t like a US wall to help offset breaches by drug runners, human traffickers, and weapons smugglers along the US southern border.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/May 5, 2016)

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