Hillary Clinton and others mum about real war on women

Hillary barks like dog

Ad for Donald Trump’s campaign makes use of Hillary Clinton’s bizarre impersonation of a barking dog at one of her events. No media asked why she wasn’t acting more presidential. (Via DP Video/YouTube)

Democrats’ likely presidential nominee Hillary Clinton talks up women’s rights on the stump, but ignores a real war on women. Mrs. Clinton follows a bipartisan pattern in doing so because some Republicans ignore it as well.

Americans are in fact duped by the refusal of media to cover issues important to US foreign and domestic policy. Whether money or political correctness is at the heart of the media lapse is anyone’s guess. For instance, one think tank alleges there’s a “migrant rape epidemic” in Europe. 

The Gatestone Institute recently ran a story alleging the“migrant rape epidemic” in Europe stems from large numbers of foreign nationals coming from war-torn countries like Syria. Many in both international and domestic media have run similar stories, but the majority of that media would be classed as right of center.

A Huffington Post writer—that publication is predominantly far left of center—took a dim view that there’s a crisis at all. That writer took issue with conservative media who have characterized rape and sexual assault as a game that is “a normal thing in the Arab world.”

The Gatestone Institute recounted crimes by migrants in Austria, including one horrendous example:

“The brutal gang rape of a woman by three Afghan asylum seekers in central Vienna on April 22 has shocked the Austrian public and drawn attention to a spike in migrant-related rapes, sexual assaults and other crimes across the country.”

Americans heard a brutal account of gang rape in Egypt after 60 Minutes correspondent Lara Logan revealed what happened to her as she covered the fall of that country’s president in 2011.

In the United States, crime by foreign nationals is routinely ignored or buried by most national media.  The HuffPo writer, for example, admits that sexual attacks on women are not acceptable yet he defends groping and such as harassment.” Here’s an example of his doublespeak:

“The story begins on New Year’s Eve, when groups of men standing outside the central train station in the German city of Cologne began harassing and mugging women, groping and sexually assaulting many in the process. Crowds of men, many of whom were reportedly drunk or on drugs, shot off fireworks at each other and some also gathered around and robbed and groped women.”

If you read on, you’ll find the writer rationalized the “harrassment” was no big deal. He said most of the “reported” crimes were for theft. It’s obvious the writer attempted a defense of the indefensible.

In countries like Austria, laws prevent media from objective reporting, as Gatestone explained:

“In April, for example, the Austrian Press Council (Presserat) — a group that enforces a politically correct ‘code of ethics’ to ensure that Austrian media outlets toe the line of state-sanctioned multiculturalism — censured the left-leaning magazine, Falter, for ‘blanket discrimination’ against Muslims.”

Admittedly Islam poses a challenge to the western writer who is accustomed to the separation of church and state. In the US for example, that separation has reached draconian levels, with what many perceive as an all out war on Christianity. Islam, however, is not only a faith. It is also a political system with laws based on antiquated texts where subordination of women is indisputable just as it is in the Bible’s Old Testament in many ways. The difference is that in Christian majority countries, other faiths are not taxed on a higher basis, all citizens hold equal rights, and women are on par with men because manmade law triumphs any faith’s scriptures. That is not so in most Muslim-majority countries.

Even the left of center Human Rights Watch confirms women’s lesser rights in Egypt:

“Discrimination in Egypt’s divorce system starts long before a woman files for divorce. In fact, it begins with marriage itself. Many women in Egypt are married without their consent, often before they become adults. While Egyptian marriage contracts may contain conditions providing for certain rights and a woman’s equal access to divorce, many women are not informed of their right to negotiate such conditions, and, in fact, are often not even present during the negotiation process. Women’s autonomy and choices continue to be restricted if they make the decision to terminate their marriages. While men seeking divorce never need to resort to the court, women need to navigate a complex, burdensome, time-consuming, and costly divorce system to end their marriages. Women ultimately must choose between a protracted fault-based divorce that allows them to retain their financial rights (when the authorities are able to enforce alimony and child-support payments) or a divorce predicated on the abandonment of their rights (khula).”

Democrats in general dismiss any and all concerns about differences between East and West when it comes to women, and usually resort to falsehoods such as accusing the opposition of “racism.” Islam is not a race.

There is in fact only one race—the human race.

Book cover of 'Denied by Allah' by Noor Zaheer (Vitasta Publishing)

Book cover of ‘Denied by Allah’ by Noor Zaheer (Vitasta Publishing)

In 2015 I wrote about Noor Zaheer, a Muslim who lives in India. In her book Denied by Allah, Ms. Zaheer tried to raise awareness of how women are disenfranchised in Islam when it comes to divorce. Her book launch was shut down by angry males although her book is very respectful of her faith. Although Zaheer is well known and her book launch was scheduled for one of India’s most recognizable book fairs, US media completely ignored the book and the shutdown.

At present the Obama administration with bipartisan assistance from politicos like GOP Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is funding what amounts to an open borders policy, including resettling large numbers of foreign nationals from Syria in the US. There is no way to vet the large number of people entering and/or remaining in the US, but most politicians are insulated in their daily lives from the decisions they make.

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump called for a temporary ban on Muslims as the US confronts a disaster in Syria created by the Obama-Hillary Clinton intrusion into Libya. Trump said the ban should last until we “figure out what is going on.”

Media on both left and right deliberately quote Trump out of context, omitting his full remarks and the fact the ban would be temporary. Ironically, US Muslims would bear the brunt of criticism should any migrants admitted from Syria commit terrorism on US soil, something Democrats appear not to consider just as they do not consider the fact that many foreign nationals illegally entering the country target immigrants as victims.

Mrs. Clinton may claim support for women’s rights on the stump,  but her silence about the real war on women suggests she, like some of her colleagues on both left and right, prefer political speak to honesty.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/May 9, 2016)

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