Democrats shut down in Vegas as chairs thrown, IDs denied

Bernie delegate disenfranchised

One example of a delegate being disenfranchised at Democrats’ state convention in Las Vegas. (Via Twitter @ShaktiLila)

The morning news cycle obsessed over women Donald Trump has known, some dating to many years in the past, while a major story is being downplayed. Did you know Democrats’ state convention in Nevada was shut down on Saturday? Because of security concerns? And there was a voter ID dispute? 

Supporters of Bernie Sanders and fans of Hillary Clinton got physical over delegate counts, protocol and other matters. A major wire service said Sanders’ supporters were “throwing chairs.

What’s even more interesting, considering Democrats’ passionate resistance to voters having to show an ID to cast a vote, is the fact Democrats hold their own party members’ feet to the fire when it comes to ID. The same wire service said Sanders supporters were upset, in part:

“They also questioned a credentials committee’s disqualification of 58 would-be Sanders delegates. State party officials said the would-be delegates didn’t provide acceptable identification…”

The wire service, in a move typical of most national media dealing with the Clintonite party, didn’t ask a single question about what kind of ID those delegates should have provided.

Why should the party so intent on banning simple proof of ID in elections be so rigid on Sanders’ delegates’ IDs?

Here’s another double standard. The Las Vegas Review Journal did report Sanders’ people “roared their displeasure” and “party leaders briefly struggled to keep order.” Not one mention in that local paper about delegate IDs, thrown chairs, or the early shutdown.

However, when most media ignore the fact a state convention had to be shut down for security purposes and the party of no ID refused delegates over proof of ID, it’s obvious the vast majority of media are nothing more than a tool for the ‘Clintonite’ party. Maybe disaffected Dems should consider a third party run.

Remember all the coverage about protesters and violence at Trump events? Dems aren’t getting their “fair share” of coverage on their own dustups.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/May 16, 2016)

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