Scam Alert: Caller attempts to dupe me with IRS tax fraud accusation

Tax Refund Fraud

Snip/FBI website page on Tax Fraud

Sooner or later, it happens to many of us. The phone rings and at the other end is a scammer who wants to remove hard-earned money from your bank account to his own. Today I listened as a caller claimed to be with IRS. I knew he was lying because the caller ID had a private phone number showing. I can, however, see how some might be fooled.  

The caller said there was a warrant for my arrest for tax fraud. The local sheriff would soon be on the way! He told me to call him back at this number: 206-539-5268. If he holds his breath waiting for me to do that, he’ll pass out.

The call location showed as Seattle, WA. That means nothing in today’s hi tech world. I figure it came from outside the USA.

IRS will not call you from an anonymous number if they want something from you. They will notify you by mail. Nor will IRS have the sheriff come after you unless there has been a genuine law enforcement proceeding and even then, you’re likely to have a meetup with federal officers instead of locals.

At any rate, don’t fall for it. If you’ve been contacted by a scammer, feel free to share your details in comments below. No registration is necessary and at present, you don’t have to wait for your comment to be approved.

I’ve written about IRS scams in the past.

I’ve also written about the very persistent folks who try to pull the lottery scam by phone. These are some very rude, persistent people. Don’t fall for that one either. No one is going to call you from a state lottery to tell you you won money in a lottery you didn’t purchase a ticket for.

Unfortunately, the current administration in Washington is too busy pushing laws on bathrooms and enabling federal law breakers who laugh at our national security laws to do anything about the foreign entities trying to pilfer US citizens’ and legal immigrants’ money. It’s shameful, but I’ve become accustomed to the Clinton-Obama model of governing for politics, polls, and reelection instead of the general welfare of the nation.

Scams that originate outside this country are a component of foreign policy. That our government chooses to go after the small fry instead of the big fish is unacceptable.

If you have elderly loved ones, or loved ones who are immigrants, please warn them about these scams. Based on various reports I’ve read online, and on the fact our landline number previously belonged to someone else who still gets many calls from all manner of companies, I believe the elderly and immigrants are at the top of these vile criminals’ target list.

Too bad our politicos don’t include penalties for foreign governments harboring these criminals in the giveaway treaties they sign.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/May 20, 2016)

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