Governor touts Hillary’s hiring skills despite email scandal and lethal failure

Special Mission Compound Benghazi

Aftermath of the 9-11-12 attack on the U.S. Special Mission Compound in Benghazi (Libya). (Photo: FBI)

In a recent interview on Fox & Friends, Colorado governor John Hickenlooper touted Mrs. Hillary Clinton’s experience and singled out one asset in particular.

The governor said nothing about the Clinton email scandal or her policies that in at least one case proved lethal. 

“You need to know how to hire people and run a complex enterprise,” he said when asked to talk about her experience. Government records indicate Hickenlooper should have done more research. The email scandal isn’t Mrs. Clinton’s only failure.

For one thing, Mrs. Clinton and the president she served didn’t appoint a permanent Inspector General for the State Dept. the whole time she served as secretary. The IG position is the watchdog for the people. That position is critical to the wellbeing of any republic. Congress called both President Barack Obama and Clinton out on the lapse in 2013, and critics even included leftwing Democrats in Congress. The Free Beacon was one of a number of media reporting on this lapse:

“The department has not had a Senate-confirmed inspector general since 2008, which is the longest vacancy of any of the 73 inspector general positions across the federal government,” the representatives wrote. “During your entire first term as president, you did not nominate anyone to serve in this critical position. This failure evidences a clear disregard for the Inspector General Act and the will of Congress.”

Mrs. Clinton’s ineptitude wasn’t just a bureaucratic slip, in at least one case, it was lethal. While left and right debate whether she and Obama were responsible for deaths of Americans and destruction and theft of US property in Libya, State Dept. records provide facts.

Overseas missions and properties often need extra security and one solution has been to hire locals as guards. After Mrs. Clinton left the State Dept., a new report was published by the Assistant Inspector General for Audits. The findings are grim.

What’s more, shoddy vetting points directly to a national security threat President Barack Obama is creating as he continues to admit migrants from countries where sectors are hostile to the US and keen on destruction of our country.

If the Obama administration and Mrs. Clinton were slipshod in policies having to do with hiring guards for their own employees, what does it say about their concerns about the security of Americans on Main Street?

In June, 2014, the report Audit of Contractor Compliance With and Department of State Oversight of the Process Required for Vetting Local Guards noted:

“One guard who had been recently fired and another guard on the company’s payroll were suspected of throwing a homemade bomb into the U.S. compound 6 months before the attacks. In addition, according to the United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, the Temporary Mission Facility in Benghazi had been vandalized and attacked in the months prior to the September 2012 attacks by some of the same guards who were there to protect it.”

Also noteworthy is the government’s admission vetting people from “developing countries” can be almost impossible:

“The lack of readily available services and documents common in developed countries can inhibit the ability of those performing background investigations in developing countries. For example, [Redacted] (b) (5), [Redacte [Sic] and generally lack centralized digital police databases, school records, and credit reporting services. Furthermore, persons in these countries often do not have formal identification cards or birth certificates. Security contractors and post background investigators must make adjustments to compensate for these limitations, such as asking banks for letters of credit and visiting and interviewing local village leaders.”

Mrs. Clinton’s State Dept. didn’t lack money as some leftwing Democrats claimed. In 2012 alone, State spent more than $500 million on guards.

Besides that, State found plenty of money to spend on building new windows for US properties in Brazil and China—to process more visas and increase tourism to the United States. Obama took the time to issue a presidential directive to get those windows built. Windows, not security in hostile zones like Libya, were the priority.

That might not be so questionable had Obama unilaterally, with input from Mrs. Clinton, not decided to inject the United States into Libya’s domestic conflicts. Libya posed no threat to the US at the time.

Hickenlooper said Mrs. Clinton is the only candidate who has all the experience necessary to be president. It’s likely he’s promoting his candidate and himself. The leftwing governor has said he’d join the Clinton ticket if asked to be vice president.

There’s another question no one has asked of the self-appointed advocate for women’s rights. How many women did Mrs. Clinton’s State Dept. hire as guards in countries like Libya?

Currently, news is breaking about a new State Dept. report asserting Mrs. Clinton did knowingly violate email rules when she was secretary of state although she has repeatedly said she broke no rules.

To a rational thinker, Mrs. Clinton’s “experience” isn’t an asset. Quite the contrary.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/May 25, 2016)

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