Mexico Firsters destroy property, burn US flags, attack cops in Albuquerque

Mexico flag

Mexico Firsters waved their country’s flag, destroyed property, and committed violence against others at a rally where Donald Trump spoke in Albuquerque.

Media are reporting on violence at a rally where Donald Trump spoke in Albuquerque (NM) on Tuesday. Cars were vandalized, rocks were thrown at police, and at least one Trump supporter who is wheelchair bound claimed he was assaulted.

What media aren’t doing is reporting this riot honestly. 

These rioters are Democrat sympathizers. They are not pro-USA, but rather Mexico Firsters, as numerous Mexico flags waved at these events indicate. Meanwhile, they burned the US flag.

What is truly bizarre is that if these people are so fond of Mexico, they can easily go to that failing country to live. After all, the border is as porous as a cheap paper towel.

When you have a mob committing violent acts on other people, destroying property, attacking police, demanding control of US policy, and waving a foreign flag, what you have is terrorism as the federal definition indicates.

This is the constituency supporting today’s Democrat party. They shouldn’t be described as anti-Trump. They’re Mexico Firsters who aim to shut down others’ rights to free expression and further derail federal laws.

A roundup of links for your amusement:

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(Commentary by Kay B. Day/May 25, 2016)

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