Clinton got $16 million from private school; founder got $55 million taxpayer dollars

Trailer for 'Clinton Cash'film will debut at the Cannes Festival in France in May. (Snip: video)

Trailer for film based on Schweizer’s book ‘Clinton Cash’. The film will debut at the Cannes Festival in France in May. (Snip: video)

Hillary and Bill Clinton have a gorilla sized hand in running world politics, and both have profited by directing their influence to likeminded groups and individuals. As GOP nominee Donald Trump deals with a court case over his for-profit institution, with a judge appointed by President Barack Obama, media appear to have amnesia.

Mrs. Clinton certainly isn’t bringing up  private school fees her husband received. The school faced a lawsuit from disgruntled students who took on debt to finance their education.

Bill Clinton has profited handsomely from a controversial for-profit college.

Mr. Clinton was paid millions by this corporation as honorary chancellor for the school, Laureate Education. What’s worse, at least for US taxpayers, is that Secretary of State buy cipro in uk Mrs. Clinton directed $55 million taxpayer dollars to another group, International Youth Foundation, founded by the chairman of Laureate Ed.

That chairman, go site Douglas L. Becker, is a fan of both Clintons. Bill Clinton received more than $16 million from Becker’s Laureate Ed. The Washington Times reported benefits to Mrs. Clinton:

can i legally buy viagra online in australia “Over the years, Mrs. Clinton collected political donations from Laureate’s CEO, Douglas Becker, including a $2,000 donation in 2005 to her Senate re-election campaign and $2,300 in 2007 to her first presidential campaign, Federal Election Commission records show.”

Mr. Clinton’s endorsement of Laureate, bestowing credibility, paid off handsomely in other ways, with a large loan from an arm of the world bank:

“The International Finance Corporation on Wednesday announced a $150 million equity investment in Laureate Education, Inc., a Baltimore-based, privately held, for-profit education company that operates 65 career-oriented colleges in 29 countries. The investment is the largest-ever in education on the part of the IFC, an arm of the World Bank that focuses exclusively on the private sector in developing countries.”
[and this]

“Laureate has donated between $1 million and $5 million (donations are reported in ranges, not exact amounts) to the Clinton Foundation. Progressive billionaire George Soros is also a Laureate financial backer.”

Hillary Clinton has criticized for-profit colleges, but it appears she is satisfied with the millions her husband pocketed.

The Clintons are masters of quid pro quo. Read the investigative work Clinton Cash and it soon becomes obvious this power couple has a hand in global politics and their policy is not America First, but Clintons First. A film by the same name of the book will open in Philadelphia as Democrats hold their convention to formally confirm Mrs. Clinton as presidential nominee.

If politics media really wanted to honestly inform you about for-profit education controversies, they would automatically include information about profits reaped by the Clintons from a controversial corporation downgraded to junk bond status in 2015.

In December, 2015, CNBC reported some students are suing Laureate Ed. They hope to create a class action lawsuit.

Trump’s school received no federal funding. Law firms involved in the suit against the school have generously donated to Democrats including Hillary Clinton. For more on the political witch hunt, see Rigged: The Trial of Trump University. One of Democrats’ favorite tactics is weaponizing government resources to attack political opponents.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/June 3, 2016)

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