Dems ignore insulation for terrorists, and highest toll from mass shootings

Nidal Hasan

Military photo of Ft. Hood shooter Nidal Hasan.

Obviously there are rules for you and me and rules for those who are connected to the political class. Insulated by status, members of this class do as they please. After all, a major federal agency trampled First Amendment rights for conservative groups and no one went to prison.

Several mass killings, and one act of terror you probably don’t even know about,  illustrate my point. 

The Intercept, a site where Glenn Greenwald is one of three co-founders, said this about the Orlando shooter:

“[O]ne of Mateen’s former coworkers told the New York Times that he “saw it coming,” that Mateen “talked about killing people all the time,” and that he was “always angry, sweating, just angry at the world.”

The coworker, who said he quit his job due to harassment from Mateen, explained that he “complained multiple times” to G4S, because Mateen didn’t like “blacks, women, lesbians, and Jews.”

Yet G4S continued to employ Mateen, who was able to obtain a “security officer” license to buy firearms in addition to his state license and conceal carry permit.

Mateen was even allowed to work at G4S while under FBI investigation. According to the FBI, Mateen was suspected of involvement in terror in 2013.”

Mateen was insulated. By his faith, currently the only faith fawned over by the US left in politics and media. By his father’s political status. And by his occupation, working for a company with ties to the US Government.

Government has missed flags before. Notably, the feds had every opportunity to prevent the Navy Yard shootings. The official report acknowledged that.

The San Bernardino killers drew attention from those who knew them. That might have been stopped too, but for one thing. Political class status—Syed Rizwan Farook worked for the county health department. You don’t get a government job nowadays unless you know someone on the inside.

Would gun control have stopped any of these killings?

If you want less shootings, you can start by using RICO laws to go after gangs, especially transnational gangs this government has enabled via open borders. And you use existing laws and investigative techniques to err on the side of caution.

The Orlando shooter worked for the world’s largest security company, a company doing business with the US Government. The Atlantic said:

“Mateen had been an employee of the company for nearly nine years, serving most recently as an armed security guard at a gated retirement community in Port St. Lucie, Florida. In the aftermath of the attack, authorities are trying to ascertain how it’s possible that Mateen cleared four background checks, two with the company and two with the FBI, without raising sufficient alarm.”

Mateen could’ve got any kind of weapon he desired, on the level or on the black market.

And let us not forget Nidal Hasan, who served in the US military. Again, this shooter was insulated by his political class status. Red flags were there. The report issued by the Senate Homeland Security Committee was titled, “A Ticking Time Bomb.” The Obama administration for years categorized this act of terror as “workplace violence.”

Abdullatif Aldosary

A refugee from Iraq, Abdullatif Aldosary was sentenced to 5 years on weapons charges after he detonated a bomb at federal offices in Arizona. Media largely ignored the case. (Inmate photo)

Have you heard media reports on a man named Abdullatif Aldosary? Of course you haven’t. Aldosary, a refugee from Iraq, faced murder charges on the state level and weapons charges on the federal level for setting off a bomb outside federal offices in Casa Grande in 2012. When officials searched Aldosary’s house, they found large quantities of ammo and chemicals for bomb-making.

By the grace of God, Aldosary’s bomb didn’t kill anyone. But what did the Obama administration do? They levied weapons charges only, despite the fact Aldosary’s actions were a clear act of terrorism. Media barely gave the case a nod. If he hadn’t been a refugee, but instead a domestic malcontent, he’d have had the book thrown at him. Insulation.

Meanwhile, the mass shootings no one talks about because they didn’t occur in a single location came at the hands of President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton—Fast and Furious. These killings occurred because of a federal gun-running operation. No one knows where all the guns went, and so far the death toll stands at 69 that we know of. You can bet the actual toll is higher.

Thus, the highest death toll in mass shootings occurred at the hands of the Obama administration. 

The majority of mass killers have raised red flags ignored by government, and that includes the 9/11 hijackers. Politicos and bureaucrats have happily ignored many of these shooters for one reason.

Political class status insulated these murderers.

While Democrats continue their quest to ultimately confiscate every private gun in the nation, they are doing nothing about a problem confronting us courtesy of a global movement. Supporters of ISIS, al Qaeda, and other terrorist groups can become a foot soldier without a formal process. All it takes is an idea and a weapon made from a pressure cooker. Or case cutters and airplanes. Or homemade bombs like those Aldosary made.

The government in 2004 issued a  report on terrorist travel. Instead of killing the 2nd Amendment, Democrats should focus on the real issues, including the global Islamist movements drawing supporters who can act on their own or formally sign up in Syria and other countries.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/June 15, 2016)

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