Money matters: Who fills the Trump and Clinton war chests?

Christie endorses Trump

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie endorsed Donald Trump for president. (Snip video Right Side Broadcasting:

National political media have set up Donald Trump as a target and Hillary Clinton as someone whose “experience” is trustworthy. Never mind how Mrs. Clinton’s “experience” unglued the Mideast and North Africa. Forget how her malfeasance with a personal email server undermined US national security.

No media have spoken about each candidate’s major donors, though.

So who is funding the war chest for each presidential candidate?

Hillary Clinton testimony Oct. 22, 2015

Snip from Hillary Clinton’s testimony during hearings on Benghazi; House Select Committee, Oct. 22, 2015. (Snip: C-SPAN)

If you look at top donors, it’s hard to accept that any middle class voter could bubble in the Democrat Clinton’s name come Election Day. Why?

First look at presumptive GOP nominee Trump’s top donors and the amounts he received. Top of his list is $150,000 via John Powers Middleton companies. Middleton is in the entertainment industry. One of his accomplishments is launching a talk radio show aimed at what politicos call ‘Latinos’—people who have various forms of the Spanish language and culture in their ancestry. What’s notable is that until Middleton launched the show, there was no outlet for this population other than leftwing media.

Construction companies, real estate firms, clothing manufacturers, and donations from those who serve in or work for the US Navy are also among Trump’s big donors. His second largest donation totaled $50,000.

Now look at Mrs. Clinton’s big fat money machine.

Her largest donation is courtesy of those affiliated with a man many of us believe is no fan of the United States—George Soros. Mrs. Clinton grabbed more than $7 million from that sector.

In second place is Euclidean Capital founded by a hedge fund billionaire. Mrs. Clinton raked in more than $7 million courtesy of those one-percenters.

Another big source for President Barack Obama’s first secretary of state’s second presidential run is the Center for Middle East Peace, a group I perceive as left of center. Its president is Robert Wexler, former Democrat congressman from Florida. Wexler co-sponsored articles of impeachment for then-president George W. Bush. The process was initiated by a socialist who served in Congress. Wexler was one of the most rabid leftwingers in Congress. He ended up resigning after allegations surfaced he was lying about his residence. Doing so actually enabled him to escape taxes in the District of Columbia where he spent most of his time. I covered Wexler’s bizarre terms in government for another site. One issue he was passionate about, other than targeting a GOP president dealing with a war, was the price of matzoh. Mrs. Clinton got more than $3 million from that group.

Also top of the list of Clinton fans: those affiliated with the Sandlers. This couple, said Time magazine, was among “25 people to blame for the financial crisis.” That crisis led to one of the greatest losses of middle class wealth I’ve witnessed because it caused many home mortgages to go underwater. That crisis was almost completely a product of Democrat policy on lending, and on legislation. See Gretchen Morgenson’s book Reckless Endangerment for more on that. Democrats freaked when the book came out, by the way, attacking the author despite her New York Times credentials. The Sandlers and their various interests gave Mrs. Clinton more than $3 million.

There’s not a single group or entity on Hillary Clinton’s big donor list who gave her less than $1 million. These are interests vested in the status quo, so it is imperative for them to push a candidate who will not make changes to the current status quo which has largely been orchestrated by cronies of the Clintons. This is something else media aren’t telling you—the Clinton apparatchik has run this country the entire time Obama has held office.

One percenters who control various parts of the world economy and body politic aren’t the only fans of Mrs. Clinton. She was also the Orlando shooter’s favorite for the presidency, according to left of center media The Washington Post.

Look at the money, where it came from, and what its providers will demand of the candidate they funded.

If you’re middle class, you aren’t on Mrs. Clinton’s radar. Rather you are stuck in her rhetoric until she gets the requisite votes to give her the keys to the kingdom she has so long lusted after. Then, like her fellow Dems, she will close the door on you.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day; 6/22/2016)

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