Charleston families’ suit over background check points to missed flags in shootings

Dylann Roof

By law, Dylann Roof should not have been permitted to buy a gun. (Charleston Police photo)

Families of victims murdered in Charleston are suing the US government because a background check on accused shooter Dylann Roof went askew. Roof wasn’t charged with terrorism after shooting 9 people worshiping in a historic black church in June, 2015. He should have been because his statements indicated his alleged crime fits the federal definition of terrorism.

Fact is, Roof should never have been permitted to buy a gun. 

The Obama Administration refrains from labeling crimes as terrorism because it reflects poorly on the presidential record.

As with other mass shooters, there was a red flag pointing to Roof’s disqualification on the purchase of a gun. skelaxin buy reisen Raw Story said:

“The examiner who conducted Roof’s federal background check did not see a police report in which Roof admitted to drug possession, which would have barred him from buying the weapon…”

Roof admitted to the killings, claiming he hoped to start a race war.

With a number of high profile mass shootings, red flags have been missed.

Aaron Alexis

After he murdered 12 people, Aaron Alexis was the subject of an investigation by the US government. (Photo: FBI information wanted poster)

In 2014 Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis killed 12 people. Alexis was a federal contract employee who had repeated incidents of paranoia. He had encounters with law enforcement. His background information was suspect. Yet he had a “Secret” security clearance. A background report issued by the government suggested numerous opportunities existed to relieve Alexis of his weapons.

There were also assorted red flags with Ft. Hood shooter Nidal Hasan. The military didn’t want to damage his career despite the fact his extremist views were no secret. He killed 13 people.

Nidal Hasan

Military photo of Ft. Hood shooter Nidal Hasan.

While Democrats have exploited various tragedies as part of the party’s anti-2nd Amendment endeavors, what no Democrat including our president has admitted is that every one of these shootings might have been stopped. Laws were in place. No one chose to pursue them aggressively.

The complexion of each shooter is different, as is the background of each. What the three men had in common was a giant red flag no one heeded.

Raw Story noted Roof got his gun because of “an FBI clerk’s mistake,” adding:

“At the end of the day, those who were wrong are accountable,” one of the plaintiffs, Arthur Hurd, said in a telephone interview. Hurd’s wife, Cynathia, ws among nine people killed in the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston in June 2015.”

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/July 1, 2016)



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