With no charges likely, Mrs. Clinton’s case can still be judged by a powerful court

Hillary responds re missing emails

With customary arrogance, Clinton answered questions from media about her email habits as secretary of state. (snip: CSPAN video)

What happens if you break a federal law, and sometimes even if you don’t break a federal law but authorities suspect you might? The power of the US government is so enormous, you stand to lose either way, even if you’re completely innocent.

Exceptions apply to this model, however. If you are enshrined in the global political class like Hillary Clinton, you can do what you like and suffer no consequences. As Mrs. Clinton’s fictional doppelganger Lady Macbeth once said, “What need we fear who knows it, when none can call our power to account?”

Thus, the government will not hold accountable a long time politico whose family foundation tentacles have enriched the few around the globe while those outside the political class see their own wealth and resources decline. No charges will be filed against Mrs. Clinton by the administration of Barack Obama. However, her actions can still be judged by a powerful court.

The Clintons’ latest pass came as no surprise to me. I never once believed anything or anyone would deprive Hillary Clinton of the Democrats’ nomination for president. Should the worst happen and she wins election, our country will suffer more than it has already under Clinton cronies and associates who have controlled the presidency of Barack Obama. 

From perpetual race-baiting to open borders to trade deals that, by her own admission, will cause US workers to lose their jobs, the US will once again founder because Mrs. Clinton’s objectives have never been to seek what is best for the country or what aligns with the US Constitution.

What powerful court can still hear the case?

The court of public opinion. Many young people know nothing about this arrogant couple who parlayed government powers into personal wealth. Many older people choose to forget what it was like when the poll-obsessed Clintons ran this country, and more still forget it was leftwing policy that caused the mortgage lending catastrophe that left many a homeowner under water.

Various media are reporting on Mrs. Clinton’s get-out-of-jail-free card. They’re even including practices that would land an average American in federal prison:

The FBI said that it examined all 30,000 emails during it’s [sic] probe. More than 100 emails had classified information when they were sent. Eight were considered top secret at the time they were sent.”

That’s all you need to know to convict this woman in the court of reality. If you buy her attempts at deflection, you should work on your gullibility. If you dismiss Mr. Clinton’s recent surprise meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch as innocent, your gullibility is incurable.

Whatever you do, don’t try Hillary Clinton’s tricks at home. You’ll end up in prison for sure if you break federal law and feigned ignorance will get you no relief.

Ahead of November, voters can judge Mrs. Clinton in the real world. For anyone who has followed her career practices, there is only one logical option.

If the choice is between Lady Macbeth’s twin and Donald Trump, there’s only one viable option, and that is the outsider businessman currently running against globalists in the Democrat camp, and extremists in the Republican status quo realm, and against oligarchs around the world eager to buy the next US president.

Look at the donor records and then you tell me who really is for the people and the country.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/July 5, 2016)

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