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Viagra buy canada,

Warning: If sexual innuendo offends you, please don’t read this.

buy modafinil online canada

Image GOP Convention page, Facebook []

The Smoking Gun has published a copy of a plan allegedly created by the Democrats’ national committee hoping to smear Republicans’ nominee at the party convention, presumably to assist Hillary Clinton’s campaign. TSG said the hacker known as “Guccifer 2.0… breached party servers and made off with DNC financial records, e-mails, research reports, and other documents.”

The plan includes a number of juvenile pranks, but it also sets up some entertainers for a targeted boycott and seems to discount people whose ethnicity might be white European or Asian—actually, whose ethnicity might be anything other than black or Latino. As Republican nominee Donald Trump marches towards a November contest with Mrs. Clinton, one thing is for sure. From sex snark to Mexico First, the Dems’ plan is in my opinion a disaster. It sounds like something a bunch of college kids cooked up while enjoying illegal substances. 

Thing is, Trump won’t go belly-up when Dems attack as the last two Republican nominees have done.

As an aside, it’s about time. Considering what my party has been up against for almost a decade, a fighting spirit is essential. Amid all the angst about Trump’s rhetoric, let’s revisit a Democrat memory.

Dem activists declared war on the GOP in 2008 with a manifesto from the founder of Daily Kos. That blog has been one of the most influential on Democrat leadership for a long time.

Here’s part of what buy modafinil online sun pharma:

“Republicans will claim that McCain wasn’t one of them, hence rationalizing away their loss. But if we decimate their ranks, including their conservative icons, it’ll make it harder for them to justify their spin. Remember, we want them broken, their ranks thinned, their treasury in heavy debt, their morale in the gutter, void of any leadership, discredited in the eyes of the public…A key component of this effort is to destroy their most beloved leaders…”

With that diatribe in mind, consider some of the hijinks the hacked plan reveals, and the pitfalls.

The plan proposes: “Specify playlist of artists who have called on Trump to stop playing their music at his rallies.” Well, geniuses, thanks. Sounds like a great list of entertainers to boycott by independents, Republicans, and others who don’t accept the hopelessly inept or corrupt (take your pick) Mrs. Clinton as a viable commander in chief.

Also proposed is a “concert focused on Dem base vote featuring Latino and AF AM artists.” So if you’re white with European ancestry, Indian, Asian, or anything other than Latino or ‘AF AM’(black)—well, you’re ONV (of no value) to Dems.

A fake tabloid is planned, and one of the more laughable ideas is to hand out “Tiny foam fingers/hand clappers”. That’s a snark on the bizarre Marco Rubio campaign idea to imply men with small hands have small sexual organs. I don’t know about you, but I’d never heard that. The only analogy I ever heard about the size of a man’s organs had to do with a big nose. I heard that in college.

What’s the backlash factor on that one?

A giant cardboard fan in the shape of a woman’s lips with bright red lipstick—you know the old timey kind of fan with a popsicle stick like they sometimes hand out at events where the air flow isn’t what it could be. Why a woman’s lips? Revisit Bill Clinton’s buy modafinil singapore about the sex he “did not have” with Monica Lewinsky.

Advisory to Dems: Considering the Clinton history, it’s probably not a good idea to opt for anything to do with sex.

There’s a culinary idea—giving reporters lunch with “food from countries Trump has offended.” Tacos are first on the list, but then again, Dems are perpetually Mexico-Firsters, so that shouldn’t shock. I can say I never saw a US style taco when I went south of the border.

Republicans could reciprocate by providing foods from the USA—as in America First. You tell me which idea would resonate better with practical people.

There’s also a “Trumpocalypse” kit containing various over-the-counter meds including one for nausea because of voting for Trump.

I’d suggest a big plastic toy pistol for “Hillarygeddon” bags because in my opinion a vote for that woman will be a vote for national suicide. The toy pistol reminds us of the 2nd Amendment the GOP supports and the DNC attempts to trash every time there’s a tragedy.

Everyone knows big labor influences the Dem platform, one reason the document said:

“SEIU has office space in downtown Cleveland close to convention that can be the base of operations and host the wrapped mobile RV.”

A video, I say, a video ad. Remind Americans big labor workers can wander off their federal jobs, do union work on behalf of the Democrats’ party and still get paid. If anything should be illegal, buy modafinil paypal purely for political purposes should be.

You can read the whole plan at buy modafinil europe. I have no idea whether “Guccifer 2.0” really hacked the DNC or not. If he did, and if this is a real plan, it indicates Democrats are indeed worried about their flawed candidate who has once again shown Americans there is one set of laws for us and another set for people like the Clintons. If Mrs. Clinton was really a qualified candidate, Dems wouldn’t be obsessed with buy modafinil uk paypal

Dems will hold their convention in Philadelphia July 25-28.

buy modafinil nz. The buy modafinil with bitcoinset up for the convention.

I noticed The Smoking Gun used the word ‘stupid’ in the URL to the hacked documents. True, that.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/July 6, 2016)

Viagra buy canada,

Kay B. Day is a freelance writer who has published in national and international magazines and websites. The author of 3 books, her work is anthologized in textbooks and collections. She has won awards for poetry, nonfiction and fiction. Day is a member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors and the Authors Guild.
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