Dustup about Trump PAC ad and Clinton’s India donor raises questions about outsourcing

PAC ad Mrs. Clinton outsourcing

Snip from India Today video, 2005, featured in the Rebuilding America Now PAC ad targeting Mrs. Clinton.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is understandably upset about a pro-Trump PAC ad related to India politico Amar Singh. According to media, the dustup isn’t over whether Singh did give Mrs. Clinton’s family foundation $5 million. The dustup is over the year it occurred in.

The PAC claims it occurred in 2008. The subject matter involves outsourcing US jobs. 

That is substantiated by a critical report in The Times of India on Dec. 18, 2008. The newspaper said Singh “would have parted with at least 20% of his declared assets to the Clinton Foundation” by giving that donation.

Singh told India media he didn’t want to talk about the donation, but, “I won’t deny anything.”

As an article at Breitbart News disclosed, foreign donations were customary for the global foundation. These donations continued when Mrs. Clinton held the title of President Barack Obama’s secretary of state and she handled matters related to countries where donors had financial interests.

As a matter of fact, India’s one-percenters apparently adored the Clintons. The Times of India also said:

“Besides Amar Singh, the other donors to Clinton include Lakshmi Mittal and Tulsi Tanti. The exact amount donated has not been disclosed and instead all of them have been categorised as per the range of payment made. All three of them, according to the foundation’s website, paid in the region of $1-5 million.”

Clintons’ team naturally wants the PAC ad to stop.

Trump’s PAC naturally plans to keep it alive. You can see this and other pro-Trump ads at the Rebuilding America Now website.

Mrs. Clinton’s socialist-leaning mindset includes “economic statecraft.” Favoring transnational corporations’ interests and taking steps to accommodate the same blurs the line between the private sector and the public sector.

In 2010 I reported on a practice that should have enraged US taxpayers. The Obama Administration, apparently with the blessing of the Democrat-controlled Congress, paid a bailout bank $89 million to process immigration lockbox information. That’s right—we apparently have no US workers who can open envelopes, send out information, and process paperwork.

In remarks in India in 2005 when she was a US senator, Hillary Clinton blamed lack of education for outsourcing. Only in her dreams.

Outsourcing is a transnational corporation’s means of driving down labor costs. If Mrs. Clinton doesn’t know that, she isn’t fit to handle politics related to the US economy.

As an aside, when you follow links to sites who don’t support Mrs. Clinton, pages seem to take longer to load. So be patient.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/July 27, 2016)

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