SEAL Team 6 forgotten as media miss ‘malarkey’ in Biden’s remarks on national security

Biden announce SEAL Team 6 Osama bin Laden operation

Both Biden and Obama publicly disclosed information about SEAL Team 6 five days after the takedown of Osama bin Laden, upending the official SEAL ethos. (Photo via YouTube/Discover Clarkesville)

Vice President Joe Biden understandably slammed GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump on Wednesday at the Democrats’ national convention. Biden wants his party to keep the White House in November.

Biden used the term “malarkey” to criticize Trump. Then Biden said something that went unchallenged by media who should have asked him about leaking sensitive national security information to the whole world.

Biden said Trump isn’t “prepared to deal with our national security.” What media have forgotten is the leak about SEAL Team 6 and deaths that followed on “the worst day for fatalities in the history of naval special warfare.” 

Yet it was Biden as well as President Barack Obama who did something no one should do. Both men told the world SEAL Team 6 took down Osama bin Laden in May, 2011.

That alone upended a major component of the official SEAL ethos:

buy clomid gnc “I do not advertise the nature of my work, nor seek recognition for my actions.”

Biden and Obama advertised the nature of an operation that was indisputably historic.

I wrote about this shortly after it happened.

Biden spilled information about SEAL Team 6 during a speech at Ft. Campbell, KY five days after the SEAL operation came down. A video was uploaded to YouTube; it also contained information about the SEAL Team the top two leaders in the US were there to recognize.

Permission was given by the government for a film to be made.

In August, 2011, I noted a columnist at the American Thinker reported one of the filmmakers actually attended a CIA ceremony honoring the SEALs:

“Another shock ensued when M. Catharine Evans at The American Thinker reported what a leftwing columnist at The New York Times had shared about one of the filmmakers. ‘[Mark] Boal got welcomed to the upper echelons of the White House and the Pentagon and showed up recently—to the surprise of some military officers—at a C.I.A. ceremony celebrating the hero SEALs*.’”

The asterisk is there because the NYT spelled SEALs as seals.

Making matters worse, media showed up at the homes of some of the SEALs.

Nothing good came of these official leaks.

The Washington Times reported on an investigation into the August, 2011 shootdown of a helicopter carrying some members of SEAL Team 6 on a helicopter on a mission whose call sign was Extortion 17:

“U.S. Central Command’s official investigation concluded that a rocket-launched grenade from a Taliban fighter standing near the landing zone clipped a rotary wing, sending the Ch-47 Chinook into a violent downward spin. It was the worst day for fatalities in the history of naval special warfare.

The tragedy took some of the glow off SEAL Team 6’s grand achievement just three months earlier: A team penetrated Pakistan airspace, infiltrated a compound in Abbottabad and killed al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.”

Despite Biden and Obama leaking highly sensitive information, Obama obstructed the official investigation. Some victims’ families filed a lawsuit.

Media might want to ask Biden exactly how he can criticize anyone on the basis of being qualified to deal with national security. The fanfare following the takedown of bin Laden was done purely for political gain, the wellbeing of our troops dismissed.

Thirty Americans were killed in the August shootdown.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/July 28, 2016)

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