Not for Hillary? Then why are you feeding the Twitter beast?

Sabine Raymonvil on Twitter

Twitter has become increasingly more authoritarian in choosing accounts to ban or suspend. (via @SabineRaymonvil)

Hashtags like #FreeSabine and #Milo are plentiful on social media Twitter right now, largely because the two individuals behind those hashtags are not standard fringe leftists. If you’re not for Hillary Clinton in November, 2016, ask yourself a question.

Why are you feeding the Twitter beast circling the wagons around Mrs. Clinton?

I asked myself that question on Friday and decided to conduct something like a hunger strike. I’m launching a unilateral ‘Twitter-strike’.

For one thing, Twitter sends very little love to indie bloggers. Judging sometimes obsessive posts on his page, it seems to me the current CEO [@jack] is a dedicated, closeminded leftist. That alone didn’t lead to my decision.

Twitter has gone fascist on us in my opinion. This social media site is as far away from true liberalism as the sun is from the earth. Maybe even farther.

Twitter has turned to censorship of controversial figures whose politics don’t fit stereotypes.

For instance Milo Yiannopoulos, tech editor for Breitbart, has been permanently suspended. He reportedly hurt a celebrity’s feelings over the lackluster new release of the Ghostbusters film. Said celeb claimed he abused her on social media although Breitbart alleges Milo “sent no abusive Tweets to the actress.” The same actress, by the way, had held nothing back on racially charged statements she posted.

Milo’s unpardonable Twitter sins partly consist of the fact he is gay and doesn’t support Mrs. Clinton.

Then there was the case of Sabine Raymonvil. Ms. Rayonvil, whose complexion is brown, is a police officer in Miami. She has called for unity among ‘races’ and she has also been very critical of both President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. She pinned a Tweet that expressed how she felt:

“As a female black police officer, I feel betrayed by Obama on all levels and that bitch Hillary is even worse. Defaulting to Trump. MAGA!”

Twitter suspended Ms. Rayonvil who underwent a character assassination awhile back because she had starred in adult films before becoming a police officer. Seems to me we should be praising this woman for changing her life in what most of us would deem a positive way. Not so for leftists. She committed the grievous sin of criticizing Democrats.

Supporters of Bernie Sanders also found themselves in the Twitter ‘gulag’ at times.

Twitter and affiliates have donated more than $30,000 to Mrs. Clinton’s latest campaign.

There are some paltry donations to Republicans, but the vast majority of donations have gone to Democrats.

I can’t tell you the number of offensive messages directed at me on Twitter, but many of them came from the left. Attacks on my appearance, age, and even one claiming I’m a terrorist have occurred. I find that without exception, attacks directed at my age came from leftists although they are now keen to elect a woman older than I am.

Fact is most dominant social media and Web titans in general favor the left. These entities are often global in scope. Thus, they have to kowtow to repressive regimes in other countries in order to protect profits.

There is a great deal of opportunity for those not aligned with the status quo to develop a real social media site where diverse opinions can flourish. Currently the status quo left controls the Web, and any opposition voices will be at a disadvantage until that changes.

When I learned Sabine was being suspended from Twitter, I decided to boycott the site for awhile.

Meanwhile, look at the company’s shareholders three years ago and look at them now.

It is suicidal to feed the beast that wants to silence your voice. If you’re not for Mrs. Clinton in November, ask yourself why you spend any time on Twitter.

The site has the right to ban, suspend, and censor. But if enough of us removed ourselves from their leftwing sphere, perhaps the CEO and his ilk might rethink their dictatorial approach to the free exchange of ideas.

If you are in the opposition, there’s a fix to all this. Spend your time sharing, commenting on, and referring articles supporting your own ideas and candidates. That is a major endeavor where the opposition to big government perpetually comes up short.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Aug. 1, 2016)

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