Former Bush CIAer endorses Hillary with strange statement; bio sources go missing

Morell testified before Congress on Benghazi

During congressional testimony, the CIA’s Morell admitted changing talking points about attacks on US properties in Benghazi. The attacks happened shortly before the 2012 presidential election. (Video snip/YouTube; Daily Worldwide News)

Mike Morell served the CIA for more than three decades. Morell penned an editorial in The New York Times declaring support for Hillary Clinton, the status quo candidate in the 2016 presidential race.

Morell penned words that could easily bring out a flotilla of tinfoil hats. Furthermore, critical information about this former government employee has gone missing from online sources. 

Morell wrote in the NYT op-ed:

“Between now and then, I will do everything I can to ensure that she is elected as our 45th president.”

Coming from a former CIAer who now works in global security, some might find that a bit curious.

Dead link info on Morell ties to Clinton

Dead link to source for information about Morell’s employer ties to Hillary Clinton. (Defense News)

Strangely, as Morell resurfaces in the public eye after his conflicting statements about attacks on the US properties in Benghazi, Libya, information relevant to his career has gone missing. As in scrubbed not only from current Web pages but also from the Internet Archives [the Wayback Machine].

Morell’s endorsement warrants a close look at his own influence on US foreign policy and national security that has brought the US and many other countries to a disastrous globalization-run-amok state.

Unfortunately, sources about Morell’s role in the government as the September 11, 2001 attacks took place have gone missing.

Consider a Wikipedia bio entry on Morell. Here’s the relevant part:

“Most of Morell’s work in the agency was devoted to Asian projects.[1] He also managed the staff that produced the Presidential Daily Briefings for President George W. Bush. Morell was Bush’s briefer during the September 11, 2001, attacks…”

That statement is attributed to a credible newspaper and to a website.  The newspaper site is active. The footnote, however, to that newspaper is not even linked.

If you attempt to read the source at Silobreaker, the link doesn’t work. Nor does the link work at Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine.

Morell currently works for a global firm, Beacon Global Strategies. If you choose to read the Wikipedia entry for that site, you will see this:

“A September 2013 article in Defense News, describes Beacon Global Strategies as unique for a Washington consulting firm because of its partners’ intent to eventually return to government. The article noted that “Part of the confidence in future public service may stem from a combination of significant titles and relative youth, paired with the fact that most of the founders of the firm have ties to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who may be a presidential favorite heading into the 2016 election if she decides to run.”[1]

That link is attributed to a credible site, Defense News, to the article “Clinton Allies Join Bush Alum To Form New Consulting Group. That link does not work. Nor can you access it from the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine.

Morell came under fire when he testified before Congress about the botched CIA operation in Benghazi, Libya. He denied politics influenced talking points prepared by the CIA, but he admitted removing information about warnings on security

Another former CIAer, Michael Scheuer who headed up the first bin Laden unit for the agency, criticized Morell in a 2014 radio interview with Tom Sullivan. Scheuer was asked about Morell ignoring the CIA station chief’s claim the attack on Benghazi had nothing to do with a protest. Scheuer said:

“The station chief is the president’s intelligence representative in that particular country. It was a very strange testimony…very self-contradictory.”

It should be disclosed there’s no love lost between Morell and Scheuer.

In 2014 Scheuer nearly came to blows during a TV interview that included Geraldo Rivera. Scheuer chastised former president Bill Clinton for not killing Osama bin Laden after bin Laden declared war on the US. Clinton had laughed as he told a story to an audience in one of his speeches in Australia. Clinton said he didn’t kill bin Laden on one occasion because an attack would have killed “300 innocent women and children.”

Scheuer, who has been aggressively critical of both Mr. Clinton and President George W. Bush, became very angry as he talked to Rivera. I first wrote this in 2014 as the vast majority of media ignored it:

Saying it was the Sunday before Christmas in December, 1998, Scheuer said when bin Laden was in Kandahar that night, “The Taliban gave him a suite in the governor’s palace…this would have occurred in the middle of the night…”

Scheuer said the attack would have killed Taliban and their associates or friends.

“He is a liar,” Scheuer said of Clinton. “And what papers do you think Sandy Berger stole…He’s a liar. If you look up a pic of the word ‘lie’, his [Clinton’s] face would be right next to it.”

Then Scheuer added something that might make many Americans angry— he added that the real reason Clinton didn’t kill bin Laden that night was because he was afraid shrapnel might hit a mosque. Scheuer also called Mr. Clinton a “coward morally.”

What’s the upshot of all this?

For one thing, Sandy Berger, Clinton insider, was convicted for stealing information from the National Archives as his date with the 9/11 Commission approached. We have only his word for what he stole. Berger is dead now, so he can’t tell tales.

Bear in mind data in amounts that would comprise “millions of books” has gone missing on the Clinton Administration, on multiple occasions. No media ever quiz Mrs. Clinton about this data.

As Americans hear various Washington insiders endorse the Democrats’ nominee, bear something in mind.

Mr. Morell, a succession of presidents, the entire intelligence infrastructure, and the bureaucracy brought us to where we are today. The World Trade Towers were attacked twice, once under Mr. Clinton and the next time under Bush 43.

Exactly how useful was all this expertise and experience as a preventive measure when it came to protecting thousands of Americans?

Not very.

But when a former CIAer writes a statement touting his credentials and asserting,“I will do everything I can to ensure” Mrs. Clinton becomes the second in her family in less than two decades to sit in the White House, all aspects of that endorsement and that declaration should be carefully examined.

Don’t wait for pundits to even discuss any of this. They dismissed threats ahead of 9/11 just as they are doing now.

What media omitted from Mr. Morell’s Clinton endorsement is the fact it was on his watch, courtesy of his team advising Bush 43 on the Presidential Daily Briefings, that thousands lost their lives on 9-11-2001.

Prior to that, on February 26, 1993, terrorists attacked the World Trade Center, injuring more than one thousand and killing six people:

“Six people were killed almost instantly. Smoke and flames began filling the wound and streaming upward into the building. Those who weren’t trapped were soon pouring out of the building—many panic-stricken and covered in soot. More than a thousand people were hurt in some way, some badly, with crushed limbs.”

In a presser on Thursday, as he answered questions about the payoff of millions of dollars to Iran in foreign unmarked currency, President Barack Obama talked about the fear terrorism inspires in all of us. What he didn’t talk about  is the fact that for most of us regular Americans, there is no bodyguard structure and we have no bunker, plane, or helicopter at our immediate disposal as the president and top officials do.

~~Ed. note: *The only way to get alternative perspectives on news distributed is for you to share what you read if you trust the source. At present, every major search engine and media outlet are pretty much shilling for Mrs. Clinton because the status quo protects their profits.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Aug. 5, 2016)

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  4. Knu Lledd says:

    Hi Kay,

    Interestingly, I found this post after

    * reading the original Op-Ed by Morell

    * reading an article by GGreenwald from two days ago:

    * reading a NYT Op-Ed by Liz Spayd linked from Greenwald’s piece:

    * checking WP for Beacon Global Strategies

    * clicking the DefenseNews source link, arriving at a 404, as you did

    * checking WB, and finding “This URL has b een excluded from the Wayback Machine,” as you did.

    I was only mildly curious before; but I *really* want to read the original article, now. Can you think of any other place it might be preserved? I haven’t had any luck.

    • Kay Day says:

      I came up empty all around. Spent hours on it. Rarely would more than one source not be archived on Wayback. But the times are very strange. Thank you for sharing those links. Much appreciated.

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