Anti-Trump shooter turns himself in; pled guilty to previous assault at same Ohio bar

Trump supporter protesters San Diego

If you watch the complete video shot at an event in San Diego in May, 2016, it will give you an idea of the character of many of the protesters opposing Trump. The man on the left is supporting Trump, and he attempted to reason with what appear to be very unstable protesters. (Snip: video/Shuttershot45 channel, YouTube)

If you support GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, you’ve probably had some barbs aimed your way. Most of us fortunately haven’t been shot because of our choice in the presidential election.

That wasn’t the case for Air Force veteran Paul Jones, Jr. who was shot in a Cleveland bar after another patron became angry over Jones’ support for Trump. 

Jones said he wasn’t even talking to Darnell Hall on the night of the shooting. Jones alleged Hall injected himself into a conversation he wasn’t even part of. One thing led to another and Jones ended up getting shot in the leg.

The Plain Dealer, a daily newspaper in Cleveland, said the alleged shooter, Hall, had a record—he’d pled guilty to assaulting someone at the same bar:

“Hall was sentenced in April to 18 months of probation after he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor assault charge related to a May 7, 2015 incident at the same bar.

He and a woman got into a fight with two other women. Hall struck the women with a bottle, according to court records.”

The shooting happened in July; Hall, said the newspaper, “turned himself in to police on Friday.”

Media have largely ignored violence and mischief by leftists who apparently want there to be a Clinton II in the White House come January, 2017. Imagine the media hysteria if the roles were reversed and this happened to a Clinton supporter.

Mrs. Clinton would be the second in her family to take the White House in less than two decades. Clinton insiders, however, have run the Obama administration since he took office. Media have ignored that fact as well.

The worst that’s happened to me so far is an intolerant relative unfriending me on Facebook because we have different views on politics. (Commentary by Kay B. Day/Aug. 8, 2016)

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