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Cartoon courtesy of A. F. Branco at

The race for US House District 4 in Florida is a packed field while Sen. Marco Rubio is favored to succeed in his efforts for reelection. Meanwhile, Florida’s governor is due a hat tip for helping a veteran. Florida news briefs compiled for your amusement; read on.


Once Rep. Ander Crenshaw announced he wouldn’t run again to keep his seat for congressional district 4, the race got very competitive. The Duval County Supervisor of Elections Office shows buy modafinil online sun pharmaare vying for the right to oppose a Democrat in a district heavily favoring the GOP.

In my opinion, the two most viable contenders are former state legislator Lake Ray III and former Jacksonville sheriff John Rutherford. That’s based purely on my opinion; I wasn’t able to locate any current polls.

Rutherford is popular with many in the GOP base after serving as sheriff. Ray is popular with a number of grassroots voters, and he said during a campaign event at a private residence on Sunday he has knocked on 35,000 doors in the district. As I wrote in a previous column, Ray knocked on mine one afternoon and buy modafinil singapore

Both Ray and Rutherford have long records in public service. If Dems decide to get serious about this seat, those records will be scrutinized.

Rutherford has endorsements from three different sheriffs while Ray has the endorsement of the National Rifle Association.

Crenshaw had a brief career in banking before entering politics in 1972. He served in the Florida State Legislature before winning his US House seat in 2000.


Sen. Marco Rubio decided to run again for the US Senate after dropping out of the presidential primary race. At present, Rubio appears poised to win. His Democrat contenders are critically flawed.

One contender, Alan Grayson, has been vilified by his own party member Harry Reid. Senate minority ‘leader’ Reid, who most Republicans think has no moral compass, buy modafinil paypal Reid wanted Grayson to drop out and pave the way for Patrick Murphy to win the Democrats’ Primary and oppose Rubio.

Murphy is a Charlie Crist type who was once a Republican but hopped across the aisle to become a Democrat. As I wrote before, a PAC supporting buy modafinil europe I’ve seen lately.

Republicans want to hang onto the Senate seat and the prevailing wisdom is that Rubio has the best shot at doing that. On the stump, Rubio is eminently more likable than Grayson or Murphy.

According to the buy modafinil uk paypal both those Democrats “by wide margins.”


Leaving a political event last week, I struck up a conversation with a combat veteran. The veteran told me a horror story. After leaving the military, his records were screwed up. The government had listed a very negative piece of information that was provably false.

The veteran contacted his congressman for help, but received none. The error was a barrier to this soldier getting a job.

In desperation, he contacted Florida governor Rick Scott. Scott is also a veteran. Within 24 hours, the error on the record was fixed.

Hat tip to the governor.

(Commentary/update by Kay B. Day/August 8, 2016)

buy modafinil nz to help us continue to publish without resorting to ads from left-leaning search engines. We receive no donations from political parties or PACs. Also please share with your friends and refer our articles on social media. We can’t afford to buy ourselves a top placement from leftist search entities.


Buy modafinil cheap, Buy modafinil glasgow

Kay B. Day is a freelance writer who has published in national and international magazines and websites. The author of 3 books, her work is anthologized in textbooks and collections. She has won awards for poetry, nonfiction and fiction. Day is a member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors and the Authors Guild.
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