WikiLeaks: Billionaire Soros, Clinton donor, influenced her foreign policy


One of Democrat aligned groups’ biggest donors is billionaire George Soros. (Photo: Harald Dettenborn, via Wikipedia)

It’s no secret world meddler and billionaire George Soros favors globalist politicos. So it comes as no surprise Hillary Clinton, Democrats’ nominee for president, has raked in more than $7 million dollars via Soros Fund Management for her latest campaign or by PACs and organizations promoting her candidacy.

What was a secret until it was revealed by WikiLeaks is that Soros allegedly influenced Mrs. Clinton’s foreign policy decisions when she was secretary of state. 

The American Mirror, a conservative website, is one of the few media to publish details of an email Soros sent to Mrs. Clinton in January, 2011. In that email, among other things, Soros recommended a “a list of potential nominees to appoint as mediator” in civil unrest in Albania.

You know how that story ends. Mrs. Clinton selected one of Soros’ recommendations–Miroslav Lajcak.

According to Barron’s, Soros’ interest in Albania dates to the last years of Bill Clinton’s White House terms:

The U.S. military is constructing airports and roads. The country’s 31-year-old prime minister, Pandeli Majko, is pro-American and pro-free market. And most important, super investor George Soros has a foundation that is aiding Albania. Some suspect the billionaire’s largesse is just a means of buying his way into what might become a hot investment. To keep Soros from hogging all the action, some Americans formed the U.S. Albanian Foundation.

Albania is a Muslim majority country.

Soros is one of many one-percenters who support leftists like Mrs. Clinton, with some money coming directly and other money via associates and employees.

Compare Mrs. Clinton’s major donors with those of Donald Trump. It should become evident ‘corporateers’ prefer the Democrat who will presumably look out for their interests no matter the cost to the USA.

Hillary "lying" from Michael Armstrong video

Image snipped from Michael Armstrong video on YouTube showing Hillary “lying for 13 minutes straight.”

WikiLeaks continues to publish material and emails relevant to Mrs. Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state. Media opt to attack Trump when new disclosures come forth in an effort to return the status quo candidate to the White House.

Although Soros presumably backs tax hikes Mrs. Clinton and Democrats always favor, Mr. Soros allegedly doesn’t like taxes he might have to absorb. AOL said after the release of The Panama Papers leaked to a German newspaper:

“George Soros is a resident of New York state and a wealthy political donor. But the Panama Papers show his money resides elsewhere.

Soros Holdings Limited was incorporated in the British Virgin Islands. Soros Capital in Bermuda. And Soros Finance Inc. was set up in Panama. It’s there that the law firm Mossack Fonseca helped the rich and powerful avoid taxes and hide their wealth.”

Mrs. Clinton says she will increase taxes for the wealthy. She had a Freudian slip recently, however, when during a speech she declared she will tax the middle class. In my opinion, you can count on that if she is elected.

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(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Aug. 11, 2016)

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