Soros’ millions indicate Mrs. Clinton doesn’t want big money out of politics


One of Democrat aligned groups’ biggest donors is billionaire George Soros. (Photo: Harald Dettenborn, via Wikipedia)

Democrats may claim they want big money out of politics, but that simply isn’t true. Once again, Dems’ big money man George Soros is raining millions into efforts to try to elect the Democrat Hillary Clinton as US president. 

Soros, in my opinion, would like nothing more than to eradicate US sovereignty, and Dems have only been too willing to help him do it.

Zero Hedge has an article detailing leaks from hacked files from Soros’ Open Society Foundation.

US media’s obsession with alleged islamophobia, xenophobia, and other phobias existing only in the minds of authoritarians can be partly attributed to efforts by Soros’ well-funded groups.

Hillary laughing

Snip from ‘Hillary Clinton laughing for 10 hours; Independent Journal Review via YouTube Channel

Soros and others like Bill and Hillary Clinton who create foundations raking in billions of dollars are shadow governments, pulling strings of elected puppets to achieve gains that are most often not favorable to average people in any of the countries involved.

The mountains of money Mrs. Clinton is benefiting from indicate she will be subject to policies and procedures set by Soros and his ilk.

Read the analysis at Zero Hedge.

Then read the article at The Washington Free Beacon to see how Soros is funding foreign nationals in an effort to fracture the USA.

Then read how Soros manipulated Mrs. Clinton’s foreign policy.

In an archived article, I asked questions about Soros’ background. We have mostly his word when it comes to his bio. His background and rise to power and wealth are murky.

Do a comparison of funding for GOP nominee Donald Trump and then look at Mrs. Clinton’s globalist-dominated war chest.

Politico said Soros “has committed more than $25 million to supporting Hillary Clinton and other Democratic candidates and causes.”

Soros’ manipulations have impacted countries around the world, creating shadow governments that have led to crises affecting the most vulnerable. Demagogues like Mrs. Clinton are only too happy to keep big money in politics, despite what they say on the stump and regardless of the impact on the American people.

It’s useful to note the Clintons have, via proxies from their political circle, manipulated President Barack Obama’s administration since the day he took office.

In 2015 I wrote an essay exploring the idea of foreign interests influencing the US ‘protest culture.’ Big money funds that too, to the detriment of our country.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Aug. 16, 2016)

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