Chills ensue as CIA director admits he voted for Communist in 1980

John Brennan

Photo of Brennan/US Government

If I had one word to describe this era in US politics, it would be unbelievable. The latest tidbit of news I’d apply that word to relates to the current director of the Central Intelligence Agency and a vote he admitted casting in 1980. 

John Brennan confessed he voted for a Communist in the 1980 election. I’m assuming—yes, that can be risky—Brennan was talking about the presidential election between the Democrat incumbent Jimmy Carter and Republican Ronald Reagan. In that election, Reagan shocked the world when he cleaned Carter’s clock.

Many of us lived through those times and it was no secret Russia and the United States were locked in a cold war. It was a different kind of war, including strategies to win hearts and minds via propaganda and financial resources. By the end of Reagan’s second term, the Soviet Union was in the process of fragmenting as conquered nations regained sovereignty.

The 1980s also marked a decade now portrayed in the popular TV series The Americans. It would be years, however, before we would learn about spies within our own government such as Aldrich Ames and Robert Hanssen. 

Brennan, like his friend Mike Morell, has a deep history with the government, serving two powerful families whose globalist policies are very similar—the Clintons and the Bushes.

George H. W. Bush–Bush the 1st–served as director of the CIA before running for president. It’s rumored Bush will vote for Hillary Clinton, and considering their policies and ideals, that isn’t surprising.

Brennan was a top figure at the CIA under both Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. Clinton preferred rendition for dealing with terrorist suspects, a fact most media appear to have forgotten. Maybe they short-circuited as Hillary Clinton has confessed doing when it comes to memory.

Both Brennan and his colleague Morell are backing Mrs. Clinton for president.

Thus, for quite some time, and under different presidents, we have a top CIAer who voted for a Communist. Unbelievable is the new normal.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Sept. 22, 2016)

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