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Instapundit restored

The Instapundit account was restored early Thursday. (Snip: @instapundit)

Popular Twitter account Instapundit has been restored after an outcry from supporters increasingly alarmed about what many of us perceive as the social media site’s aggressive censorship of dissenting voices. 

Amid riots in Charlotte (NC), as images of fires, violence, and highway shutdowns filled TV screens, Twitter users held nothing back. Nor did media in general although some ‘reporters’ were attacked by rioters.

Residents of the city weren’t even safe in their cars—if you were stuck in a rioting mob, your life was endangered as videos demonstrated.

One quote making rounds came from a video of thebuy modafinil online canadain Charlotte:

“I just know that all white people are f-cking devils.” Then he adds, “All white cops are f-cking devils, and white people.”

The police officer who shot the man in Charlotte is black. Personally, I am praying for his safety.

The Charlotte police chief is also black. In a presser, the police chief said the man who was shot buy modafinil online sun pharma by officers to drop the gun.

What did Professor Glen Reynolds do with his Instapundit account to get suspended?

buy modafinil singapore he posted in response to news about “Protesters on I-277 stopping traffic and surrounding vehicles”:

“Run them down.”

Although media frame all those involved in the chaos in Charlotte as ‘protesters,’ that isn’t true.

Some protesters were peaceful, but as the night progressed, peace went out the door. In my opinion, gang members and other like-minded groups are probably infiltrating protests to stir up violence. That creates cover for looting businesses and targeting hapless travelers and pedestrians with violence.

Twitter was pretty much the Wild, Wild West of the Web until the 2016 presidential election got underway. My opinion is I’ve witnessed ramped up censorship of users who oppose Hillary Clinton or who oppose Democrats’ agenda in general. I haven’t conducted a formal study, but my impression is that Twitter hearts Dems and the Left in the US and the rest of the world can take a hike.

buy modafinil paypaland it appears censorship doesn’t work well for a website whose central mission ideally should be free expression.

Will Twitter go the way of MySpace? Maybe. I keep saying there’s an opportunity for someone to come up with a social media messaging site permitting exchanges among people. When it comes to my own work, Twitter is the least useful of all my social media. I hang out there each day to message people I know or want to share news with in media.

For all I know, my own messages are probably filtered, or maybe buy modafinil europe.

Reynolds, known for his advocacy for the First Amendment as well as the Constitution in general, is widely known on both sides of the political aisle. The Twitter suspension wasn’t his first rodeo. In March, 2016, he and the website PJ Media were the buy modafinil uk paypal.

Reynolds told radio host Hugh Hewitt buy modafinil nz Compared to a lot of what I see and have received on Twitter, Reynolds’ remark was tame.

Reynolds is now back in business at Twitter with his buy modafinil with bitcoinrestored.

What many of us who aren’t socialists or big-government proponents should ask ourselves is a question I’ve posted publicly on Twitter when something like censoring buy modafinil canada reddithappens.

What are we doing here?

Twitter is a small slice of the large media pie supporters of Mrs. Clinton control. I’ll say something else again. Until those of us who realize government reform is critical to the survival of this country grow our own messaging and stop subsidizing media who function as an arm of the leftist party, nothing will change. The same goes for Mrs. Clinton should she succeed in becoming the second in her family to occupy the White House since the 1990s—she will change nothing.

After all, the buy modafinil online indiahas controlled our government since the day President Barack Obama took office.

(Commentary by buy modafinil amazon/Sept. 22, 2016)

Please share our articles on social media. Indie sites reporting outside standard memes are often shunned by major search engines.

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buy modafinil no prescriptionto help us keep operating, we would much appreciate it. We don’t place ads that track you, and we are constantly faced with the challenge of funding our publication.


Buy modafinil canada reddit, Buy modafinil canada online

Kay B. Day is a freelance writer who has published in national and international magazines and websites. The author of 3 books, her work is anthologized in textbooks and collections. She has won awards for poetry, nonfiction and fiction. Day is a member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors and the Authors Guild.
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