Intrigue surrounds spoiler spy: Indie candidate goes Hillary on GOP voters

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As a veteran of dustups with the #NeverTrump crowd on both sides of the political aisle, I decided to look into the background of independent presidential wannabe David Evan McMullin. I decided to do it after seeing an insulting Tweet he posted. Like fans of Hillary Clinton, McMullin is attacking supporters of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, and exactly like Mrs. Clinton, McMullin chose to go the race bait route.

Who is this guy? 

The best interview I could find is at The Daily Caller.

It’s ironic. This candidate is promoted by those who label themselves “conservatives”. As in the far right wing. Both parties have wings like that, but Democrats always unite to win, and Republicans are the opposite. Democrats know this and fuel divisiveness, not just within the nation, but within the Republican Party.

In a nutshell, The Daily Caller interview discloses a number of matters that you’d think would be a concern for genuine conservatives.

A Mormon like 2012 losing GOP nominee Mitt Romney, McMullin who is a former CIA ops officer, has far more in common with Mrs. Clinton, the Democrats’ selected candidate. McMullin is all for importing more refugees from war zones, assuring us they can be vetted despite a wide variety of statements from government officials saying otherwise.

Did McMullin compromise his principles of faith in his clandestine CIA years? We can’t know the answer to that.

McMullin can’t be thoroughly vetted, although it is interesting, according to TDC and other media, he was in the CIA before he even graduated from college. His dark years were spent in North Africa and “all over the Middle East.” That area of the world is currently in flames.

TDC reported:

“My main role was to recruit penetrations inside of terrorist groups after 9/11, but also inside foreign governments and recruit those people to work on behalf of the United States secretly.”

McMullin left his job as policy director for the GOP in the currently Paul Ryan-led House of Representatives. He’s big on no-holds-barred trade—that is the right way to parse what globalists call “free trade.”

What’s intriguing about McMullin? His CIA ties. It stands to reason he knows Mike Morell who is also intriguing. In August, Morell who served both the Bush and Clinton administrations, wrote an op-ed. Morell is a big Clinton fan:

“Between now and then, I will do everything I can to ensure that she is elected as our 45th president.”

Those words, coming from someone whose career involves a great deal of secrecy, are disturbing.

It may not have occurred to those who are being taken in by this alternative candidate that his CIA work is fair game for analysis. Trump has been vetted more thoroughly than any candidate in my lifetime, at least by the one-party media establishment. Mrs. Clinton has received a moderate pass from the media her party basically controls.

Wikipedia provides a fairly detailed bio on McMullin who also worked for Goldman Sachs, one of Mrs. Clinton’s biggest donors— I normally wouldn’t use the wiki in a column, but citations for the article are credible.

There’s a bizarre strategy these #NeverTrumpers eager to hand Hillary Clinton the White House have come up with. Naturally, McMullin hopes to place a decision for the presidency in the hands of Ryan’s House by disenfranchising millions of voters who chose Trump or a Democrat:

“As for electoral strategy, McMullin acknowledged one path is winning enough states to deprive either Clinton or Trump of winning 270 electoral votes, throwing the election to the House. “That is one of them. But it is only one.”

It would be most unfortunate if our country had to resort to such drastic measures to fill the presidency because that president would be tainted from the day he took office. But these ‘conservatives’ care more about ideology on paper than they do this country.

Meanwhile, McMullin is using race bait in an attempt to dampen enthusiasm for the GOP. He recently retweeted a CNN post:

CNN Newsroom ‏@CNNnewsroom  50m50 minutes ago

Independent presidential candidate @Evan_McMullin: Donald Trump has empowered the white nationalist movement.”

As a Republican with a biracial family and as a Republican supporting Trump, I don’t take that statement lightly. There is no broad “white nationalist movement,” and Mr. McMullin must certainly know that if he is as smart as his small group of supporters claims.

Right now, McMullin is reportedly doing well in Utah. That isn’t surprising. What he is really doing is playing spoiler for the GOP with the outcome favoring Mrs. Clinton.

His murky CIA ties as well as his enthusiasm for globalism would be a deal stopper for a true conservative when it comes to actual government instead of social issues some on both sides of the aisle are obsessed with.

Personally, I think McMullin’s supporters are being played by former spy operatives intent on one outcome—keeping the US in the hands of another Clinton whose policies will be anything but America First. Mrs. Clinton is globalism first, America last.

There’s one more unsurprising factor about McMullin. Romney is allegedly helping him out, thereby helping Mrs. Clinton. Just think about that behavior in a former nominee who, along with his running mate Paul Ryan, handed Obama a second term in 2012.

The Daily Caller interview ended with McMullin speculating Trump might drop out. That was in August, and since then, illicitly recorded remarks have come to light about Trump while Mrs. Clinton’s dirty linen is washed daily by media.

Logically speaking, former CIA spook McMullin is a neocon asset for Hillary Clinton. His small cadre of supporters, manipulated by unsavory operatives eager to continue receiving cash, should bear that in mind.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Oct. 18, 2016)

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