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Not long ago, someone I loved very much got angry with me about the 2016 election. I deliberately try to avoid talking politics with sensitive friends and family, but he persisted. One thing led to another, and he finally looked at me in exasperation and said, “How can you possibly vote for Donald Trump?”

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Well, I admit my decision was a journey down a long road, partly because the Republican Party had a large field of qualified candidates. I’ve often said Trump wasn’t my first choice. Initially, I didn’t think he was serious.

But by the time the primaries came to Florida, I realized he was probably the only Republican who would give Democrats’ anointed candidate Hillary Clinton a real fight. As we approach Election Day, I can say Trump has worked harder for my vote than any presidential candidate ever has. In other words, Trump will not pull a ‘Romney.’

I also came to the conclusion that within my party, there are globalists who are no different than Mrs. Clinton who would continue the status quo and go along just to get along. If I compare presidents dating to the end of the Reagan era, there is little difference in outcomes.

The middle class has seen disposable income and wealth shrink, courtesy of bubbles and legislation designed to benefit transnational corporations (not to be confused with mid-sized corporations who provide secure US jobs). Under President Barack Obama, my own family has seen lousy returns on our savings—truly lousy—and a dramatic increase in our health insurance premiums as our deductibles rose higher, much higher as a matter of fact. Democrats did lie about the PPACA/Obamacare tax bill. We should not forgive them for that. Even left of center newspapers like The New York Times, dreamily suggesting the increases are a market correction, have had to admit this law didn’t work out as planned.

Under Obama, divisiveness has been a key strategy in his ongoing role as campaigner-in-chief. He and his fellow far left Democrats have whittled away at US sovereignty and that will not stop should another Democrat succeed him. I feel sure we will see government powers over speech increase, and that is a violation of our First Amendment.

Should Mrs. Clinton become the second in her clan to take the White House, nothing will change. Why? Because the Clinton apparatchik has run this country since the day Obama took office. The biggest public secret media rarely if ever discuss is the fact Clinton insiders comprise the Obama administration, one reason Mrs. Clinton has not been held accountable for taking great risks with US national security and transparency by hiding her email system and presumably other data vehicles on private servers. The fact she lied repeatedly about her practices adds flame to the fire.

Back to Trump.

A priority for me in this chaotic, troubled world is national security. Under presidents Bill Clinton, George Bush the 2nd, and Barack Obama, our homeland has experienced attacks resulting in deaths and injuries. The moment the World Trade Center was bombed when Mr. Clinton was in office should have been a wakeup call. Our government leaders ignored it, failing a key mandate in the US Constitution—national defense.

Instead of addressing the war Islamic radicals have declared on all of us, whether we’re US Christians, Jews, Muslims, or Wiccans, gay or straight, male or female, our leaders have instead diluted our own rights by enabling spying on Americans on such a broad, unfettered basis the 4th Amendment has largely been nullified.

Meanwhile, each president since Reagan has engaged in wars we have no business engaging in. Afghanistan was the only righteous war the US has fought in my lifetime.

Trump doesn’t appear to me to be a warmonger. Whatever his business practices, he came out on top. I hope he will do that for the US because our negotiators on trade and international collaborations are indeed “stupid.” They are actually beyond stupid.

Trump also understands the horrible impact of globalism unchained on the world. Look at countries who hate us. We may think building a democracy is the greatest thing since the wheel was invented, but other countries don’t. One reason many nations hate us is our attempt to impose our own views and culture on their own.

Mrs. Clinton will continue the Clinton-Bush 2nd-Obama practice of importing millions of people into our country while lying about vetting them. She is not alone in that regard, by the way—the position is bipartisan. We cannot vet all the people who come here now. Politicians like to say our immigration system is “broken.” It isn’t. Our government has decided to refuse to uphold laws that led this nation to an exceptionalism few other countries can claim. If you erase borders, you erase sovereignty, and soon you will know what it feels like to have your rights assailed because of some international law.

If we do not secure our borders and remove criminal elements, eventually there will be civil unrest. We are importing poverty and we are importing too many people who do not want to assimilate but who want to recreate, it seems, the very circumstances they allegedly fled from. We now have record levels of transnational gangs and transnational organized crime bleeding communities in our nation as well as our Treasury. This is a direct result of federal policy.

There has never been a more critical need for our own personal self-defense capabilities. Trump has the endorsement of the National Rifle Association. I am a member of that organization, and I believe he is the only candidate who will defend the 2nd Amendment according to a legal, rather than a feel-good interpretation.

Self-styled ‘conservatives’ on the far right who claim fealty to the Constitution should practice what they preach. On some social issues, that may mean a SCOTUS ruling they do not agree with. But that document has helped make us one of the greatest nations in history, and if it is abandoned to satisfy some ideological premise, that is wrong for all of us.

Trump has also made a linchpin of his economic platform, with the novel idea of putting America first. During the last three administrations, America has not come first when it comes to trade deals, the corporatist-driven climate change/global warming/ global cooling agenda, or freedom of speech. Trump doesn’t talk like a politician, and that has brought him some grief. However, if you are going to talk like a politician and lie to me after being elected by doing the opposite of what you promised on the campaign trail, the choice is clear.

Other pluses for me include Trump’s Supreme Court possibilities—I liked his list—and his tax plan. I also like the fact he is a disrupter, and if ever the status quo needed disrupting, it is now.

As for tax plans, I am not falling for Mrs. Clinton’s promise she will tax the wealthy. If she views someone else’s wealth as her own to distribute, I must not assume she will omit my own modest resources, just as her husband did weeks after he took office.

The government took in record amounts of revenue last year, yet still ran a record deficit. Leadership in both parties continues to embrace deficit spending, often sending billions abroad to countries whose motives towards us are questionable. I do not believe Mrs. Clinton will change that. If tax hikes increase revenue, Congress and the executive branch spend more.

The Republican Party this go ‘round enabled a fair primary process, with the chairman of the party refusing to capitulate to monied powers who wanted, like the Democrats, to appoint a nominee. As I watched and learned about how Democrats dealt with Sen. Bernie Sanders—former Sen. Jim Webb was also treated very disrespectfully—I realized how critical it is for Democrats to reform their party.

I said recently during one of my radio gigs that the US needs two parties. I think the worst that could happen down the road is a repeat of a one-party chokehold for decades like Democrats managed at times in our history, courtesy of the party’s allies in news media. Democrats control media messaging at present, and  that leads me to another point.

Media are hostile to Trump, but they fawn over Mrs. Clinton. Fawning over a politician is the most dangerous platform media can adopt. Should another Clinton rule, we will not be told the truth. We will be lied to just as we are being lied to right now. In a strong republic, we need a strong media willing to be honest about both parties rather than willing to be biased against one and for another.

We also need Congress to restore a proper role and rein in the executive branch of this government. Obama’s pass was based on the claim he is our nation’s first “black president.” How media ignore the president’s, in political speak, ‘biracial’ makeup—important to those of us with biracial loved ones—is beyond me. The only description I want to hear from a politician is “American.” Trump has met that standard.

There are two viable choices in this election at this point. Trump or Clinton. For me, that is a no-brainer. Mrs. Clinton implies I should vote with my “lady parts” as President Obama once said.

That is an insult to my intelligence and to the men I love who number many.

I am voting with my wallet and my America parts. And that makes it easy for me to cast a vote for Trump who is the only true outsider presidential candidate I’ve been able to vote for in decades.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Nov. 2, 2016)

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