Election Today: Donald Trump and the US versus the Clinton World Order

Hillary laughing

Snip from ‘Hillary Clinton laughing for 10 hours; Independent Journal Review via YouTube Channel

As I try to post this column, my Internet connection continues to go in and out. I’ve become accustomed to it. Not only on my laptop, but on my cell phone. For instance, if I’m on Twitter and I click to read a Tweet with negative info about Hillary Clinton, my connection goes dead. Every time.

Welcome to the Clinton World Order, the entity Donald Trump is running against in this election. 

The Clinton apparatchik, an international version of Tammany Hall , is all powerful. Google, most of Silicon Valley, virtually all of legacy media (TV and online), the defense/weapons manufacturing industry (think war), hedge funds, the billionaires—all are part of the Clintons’ machine.

Even President Barack Obama, eternal campaigner, has become Hillary Clinton’s top surrogate. As Mrs. Clinton called approximately half of Americans “deplorables” and “irredeemable,” our president burned millions of gallons of fuel jetting around the US to help shore up her robotic personality. Obama has not disavowed the insults Mrs. Clinton leveled at roughly half this country.

Mrs. Clinton says she wants unity, to be the president of all Americans. That is not true. If you call half the voters in your country foul names–the legal voters–you have automatically disenfranchised us.

Many well known pop culture figures, all one percenters, from Madonna to Bruce Springsteen, are stumping for Mrs. Clinton despite her penchant for war, corruption, and the ongoing fleecing of the middle class. That, by the way, is what socialists do—they fleece the productive part of society to shore up captives who rely on government handouts from cradle to grave. See history for more. Despite shameful remarks about supporters of Trump, these pop culture celebs aren’t ashamed either. One of Clinton’s many wealthy performers dressed up in a costume similar to a Nazi uniform at a ‘rally’ for the Democrat contender. Clinton owns these people.

Media have been shameless, just as messaging arms have been throughout history in seeking to elevate authoritarian power. As TV networks reported poll results, when there were good results putting Trump on top by a point or two, the media presenters would note that was within “the margin of error.” If Clinton held the same slight lead, she was “on top.” This was true at every network I routinely surfed, including Fox News.

WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange, darling of the socialists when he leaked negative documents on then-president George W. Bush, was quoted by The Daily Mail (UK):

“My analysis is that Trump would not be permitted to win. Why do I say that? Because he has had every establishment off his side. Trump does not have one establishment, maybe with the exception of the Evangelicals, if you can call them an establishment. Banks, intelligence, arms companies, foreign money, etc. are all united behind Hillary Clinton. And the media as well. Media owners, and the journalists themselves.”

Trump Pence campaign photo

Photo of GOP nominee Donald Trump and his VP pick Gov. Mike Pence from donaldjtrump.com

In this cycle, Dems and their allies have been arrogant and deceptive on an unprecedented level. We learned the party had rigged the primary system, leading to the departure of the chairman and other staffers.

We learned a CNN analyst now the chairman of the DNC leaked debate questions to Mrs. Clinton. In a stunning display of amorality, the former analyst has no regrets about cheating.

CNN wasn’t the only media outlet in on the fix. The nation’s largest wire service appears to have colluded with the Clinton campaign as well. Hillary Clinton’s longtime attorney, David Kendall, dating to her Whitewater scandal, had a thumb drive with her emails. A WikiLeaks document emerged showing a ‘reporter’ with the Associated Press queried Kendall about the thumb drive. It appears the reporter was willing to help provide cover on the matter to benefit Clinton.

Government bureaucrats have been eager to keep their US taxpayer funded gravy train going. The US Dept. of State, beholding to the US people for its powers, colluded with Clinton’s campaign.

Money does talk, and the Clintons are loaded. Hedge funds have largely backed Mrs. Clinton, a factor that socialist Democrats would normally be upset about, and the wealth is remarkable:

“According to the review of donations by hedge fund owners and employees, Hillary Clinton has been the recipient of up to $122.7 million in political donations this election cycle. Donald Trump, however, has gotten a paltry $19,000 from that same segment of donors. [Emphasis added.]”


As though all this isn’t enough, former CIAers, masters of the dark arts, are on board the Clinton wagon. At least two former CIA operatives have assisted Clinton. One, Mike Morell, said, [I] will do everything I can to ensure that she is elected as our 45th president.” 

The other CIAer is Evan McMullin, set up as a spoiler candidate for Trump in a game orchestrated by greedy strategists and a small number of far right activists.

Media have made little note when Trump supporters have been attacked physically and verbally or when GOP offices have been vandalized. Mrs. Clinton has been mute on the hatred and violence demonstrated by her supporters.

As for Trump, there’s one reason many of us voted for him. He is the first candidate in decades to tell Americans he will put our country first. Until Trump, we had virtually no voice powerful enough to represent our interests against the bureaucracy and this corrupt government entity bought out long ago by foreign powers and transnational profiteers. That is the essence of his campaign.

A headline on Drudge, during a moment I managed to get online, blared:

POLL: 68% of Saudis prefer Hillary…

Every time I clicked on it (Alarabiya), my Internet connection was zapped.

Same thing happened when I verified emails at WikiLeaks.

Democrats like to say, when Americans demand border security because the world is at war or when we question the open borders policy Washington has promoted for decades, that that isn’t “who we are” as a people.

What Democrats aren’t saying is who they are when it comes to the Bill of Rights. And the nature of that party, its policies and authoritarian model, truly are not “who we are” as a people.

If Mrs. Clinton wasn’t part of a powerful globalist cabal, she’d never have a shot at the presidency. Her wealth, power, and quid pro quo have elevated her rights above the rights of every single one of us.

This election truly is Trump against the Clinton World  Order. There is no other way to describe it.

Yesterday on Facebook, I saw a post from a Clinton activist. She said she was voting for the Democrat in order to “save” our country. How tragically wrong and naive that woman is.

(Commentary by Kay  B. Day/Nov. 8, 2016)

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