Unknown whereabouts for man who trespassed at water plant; had Pakistan passport

Local CBS affiliate channel 2 in Chicago reported a man who entered a water plant in Chicago was caught and he had a passport from Pakistan. Shahroon Augustine appears to have been released by a judge. 

Since then, the repeat offender disappeared. No one seems to know where he is.

CBS 2 said:

“Augustine, who may have lived in Palatine at one time, has had numerous previous arrests. He has pleaded guilty to two separate drug charges in Wisconsin. And last year he was charged with a misdemeanor after Palatine police stopped him with ‘an ax in the waistband of his pants’ and a gym bag containing an expandable baton, duct tape and more.”

Dr. Gorka interview

Dr. Gorka was interviewed by Stuart Varney on Fox Business after the slashings at a St. Cloud mall in September. (Twitter snip, @Varneyco.)

Augustine’s motives and affiliations are unknown, but the trespassing occurs as the US confronts national security challenges due to policies practiced by Washington. In September, Dr. Sebastian Gorka said more than 100 ISIS jihadists sought to attack the United States in the last 25 months. Dr. Gorka was interviewed regarding slashings by a jihadist at a St. Cloud (Minn.) mall.

President Elect Donald Trump has said the United States should temporarily halt immigration from countries harboring terrorists. While major media have attacked Trump for that approach, President Barack Obama did exactly that in 2011 with immigration from Iraq. Media said little when Obama instituted his temporary ban.

While it is not known if Augustine held allegiance to or was inspired by a terrorist group, Dr. Gorka cautioned in September about low-cost attacks in the homeland, saying:

“ISIS has encouraged, since it declared the Caliphate, the use of classic guerilla warfare. It’s not like al-Qaeda. It’s not about giant spectacle. It’s not 9/11-style attacks. It’s cheap, low-investment, high-yield return.”

(Filed by Kay B. Day/Nov. 11, 2016)

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