Punished for voting stance, blogger aims fundraiser at Democrats

Will Democrats lead fundraiser @RevolutionReprt

Fundraising appeal for ‘Will Democrats Lead by Example?'(snip: @RevolutionReprt)

A blogger has created a fundraiser page at the popular GoFundMe website. Titled ‘Will Dems Lead by Example?’,  the quirky page provides an opportunity for US Democrats whose party has moved to the extreme left to practice what they preach. The blogger alleges he’s been persecuted for his voting stance in the 2016 US presidential election. 

Saying expressing his political views cost him his livelihood, he wrote:

“For supporting the candidate I felt would be best for America, I must now go into hiding.  I have received numerous threats from people that seek to harm my family and myself. This has created an impossible situation for my entire family. A person should not have to worry about losing their job over an election.  Unfortunately, for now that is the case.”

Saying candidates, elected officials, and even the president painted him as something he is not and never has been, he wants them to put their money where their mouth is. Here are a few of the ‘opportunities’ he offers:

1. You claim that we should demand that those with more give to those with less. Here is your opportunity.

2. You claim that I am entitled to healthcare as a human right and should not be required to spend my hard earned money for this right. Here is your opportunity.

3. You claim that large corporations should pay more willingly so that those with less can have more. Here is your opportunity.

The blogger doesn’t give his real name at his GoFundMe page, using the pen name John Doe, because:

“You claim a person’s citizenship, identity and status should not be questioned in our democratic processes. Therefore I will remain anonymous for this exercise. “

John Doe hopes to raise $6 million.  So far, he hasn’t received any donations but he didn’t launch the effort until Nov. 29.

It’s likely Doe isn’t holding his breath for leftists to contribute by using their own money. He’s promoting the fundraiser on Twitter at Revolution Report [@RevolutionReprt ].

(Filed by Kay B. Day/Dec. 1, 2016)

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