Legitimacy of Franken, Clinton forgotten amid vote fraud dustup

Obama interview illegal votes

Shortly before the November election, President Obama employed mixed messaging appearing to encourage illegal votes. (Snip: Video/Seattle for Truth on YouTube)

Vote fraud has long been disputed by Democrats and their party’s friendly media. After President Donald Trump announced an investigation into vote fraud, various media presenters launched a full effort to assail the idea.

At CNN, Jake Tapper, pointing to Trump’s claims millions voted fraudulently in November, declared the premise of widespread voter fraud is “fiction.”

Is it? 

Personally, I think Trump is overestimating numbers and I think Tapper is marginalizing the issue in an alignment with Democrat Party talking points. I also personally think we should investigate potential fraud, but from more angles than people voting illegally.

Ironically the fact we’re even talking about potential voter fraud, especially fraud committed by people in the country illegally, indicates the abject failure of presidents past and present from both major political parties. None have secured our border in an acceptable manner, and both Dems and Republicans in the White House have tolerated visa overstays, border breaches, and a near-nonfunctional bureaucracy that penalizes those who want to come here legally while rewarding those who break federal laws every president takes an oath to uphold.


According to various watchdog groups and think tanks, it’s generally accepted that approximately 11-12 million people are in the US illegally. The population changes because as people leave, others arrive. But the number appears to be accepted by groups on both right and left.

In California, the state that gave Democrats’ selected presidential candidate a plurality in the national popular vote, estimates placed the illegal population at approximately 3.5 million in 2013. Real Clear Politics reported on it

“A spate of bills passed by the Democratic-controlled Legislature and signed into law earlier this month by Gov. Jerry Brown, who was actively involved in their passage, allows these residents to obtain driver’s licenses, become lawyers and qualify for in-state tuition at California’s university and college systems. Several states extend one or more of these benefits to such immigrants, but under its new laws California will do much more.”

In California, if you have a driver’s license or state ID card, and if you present the last four numbers of a social security number, voter registration is easy.


Now consider that even the administration of former President Barack Obama acknowledged the issue of stolen social security numbers—and of identity theft in general. A simple search will return articles at the Social Security Administration, the Dept. of Justice, and other government sites.

While Obama officials did acknowledge the ID theft problem, they weren’t very eager to prosecute it, as cases in 2015 indicated in a case involving use of dead individuals’ social security numbers. 


Further muddying the waters, shortly before the November, 2016 election, President Obama appeared to bless the concept of illegals voting by reassuring a young woman in an interview that someone doing it would basically not be caught because of the “sanctity of the vote….strictly confidential.” Obama assured the young woman illegal voters would not be deported.

Do Democrats honestly believe that many American citizens, whether we’re born here or immigrated here, weren’t taken aback by what the president said?


Vote fraud, however, doesn’t just involve people in the country illegally. It can occur at precincts.

For instance, every time I see Al Franken in his Senate role, I see a man I personally believe was elected by fraud. Why the GOP didn’t fight that fiasco of an election is beyond me.


In Detroit, an investigation turned up voter fraud in the 2016 presidential election. The fraud occurred in precincts loyal to Hillary Clinton. Zero Hedge and numerous other indie sites reported on it. How is it some precincts had more votes than voters?

In contrast, take a look at Snopes’ analysis confirming the errors. The site often, in my opinion, provides cover for Democrat shenanigans.


As Tapper and his fellows in media continued to engage in their latest dustup with a Republican president, one site not known for conservative views said, “Trump actually has some evidence on his side.” Law Newz noted:

“The best study on the subject — a study that meets the Daubert standards for admissible evidence in a jury trial in a legal courtroom — provides substantial evidence that non-citizen voting alone likely reached over a million in this election.”

Amid all the arguing over potential vote fraud, Democrats continue to be anti-ID despite the fact that the federal government requires no proof of citizenship from a potential voter. Where citizens have attempted to rectify this at the state level, Obama officials and Democrats’ media interests often attacked.

One right of center group, True the Vote, “supports President-elect Trump’s recent comment about the impact of illegal voting, as reflected in the national popular vote.” The group is conducting a research project in an effort to gather data.


Adding another dimension to the brouhaha is the fact the concept of a national popular vote is being promoted in an effort to denigrate Trump. Yet the national popular vote is deliberately meaningless as it should be. The presidency is a state by state race. Trump did win the popular vote in a plurality of states. Mrs. Clinton’s wins were of course bolstered by the largely sanctuary state of California where Democrats rule.

Trump won the popular vote in 30 states and one district in Maine.

Hillary Clinton only won the popular vote in 19 states, the District of Columbia, and two districts in Maine.

Trump’s totals among the states and in the Electoral College, the legal way we elect a president, won him the White House.

As leftists promote the concept of pure Democracy, basing a White House win on a plurality of popular votes, it would be a good idea to bear in mind mob rule rarely has a good outcome. Should the US be tricked into moving to a Democrat model, we would basically then become the United States of California.

As this debate continues, it’s interesting that media downplayed the idea that Mrs. Clinton wasn’t exactly a legitimate nominee, considering the manipulation of Democrats’ party machine to favor her.

President Trump once again has drawn ire from media whose love affair with President Obama was no secret. Yet if there’s nothing to worry about regarding vote fraud as Tapper and his colleagues assert, then what are they worried about?

Let the investigation commence.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Jan. 25, 2017)

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