Trump’s temporary ban, the UN mystery, and the deal he ‘inherited’

ICAO snip report Muslim travel ban

Report from International Civil Aviation Organization meeting on travel ban affecting Muslims. ICAO is UN affiliated. (Snip)

Media and politicos are ranting about a temporary ban on a small number of Muslim-majority countries’ travel. What is forgotten is how we got to this point and President Barack Obama’s policies on certain international actors before Trump took office. What is the state of the nation states regarding terrorism right now?

The Islamic Republic of Iran is on the temporary travel ban list President Donald Trump put in place after taking office. The country is a poster child for bad actors.

President Barack Obama leaned towards lifting some sanctions on the Islamic Republic of Iran for quite some time before the controversial nuclear deal was complete. To date Americans still do not know very much about the deal the Obama administration made with Iran. The Obama administration was not a bastion of transparency, even by standards of left of center ‘journalists’.

The deal President Donald Trump “inherited” (as Obama often said of his predecessor)  seems to makes no sense. For one thing, the United Nations has substantial information online about individuals and entities in Iran with potential ties to global terrorism. Toss in the mystery of disappearing links on the UN Security Council website, Iran’s continued baiting of the US, and the fact Iran seemed to think Obama would come through for them before the UN listed many Iranian suspects on that list.

What you get is a muddled foreign policy, and not just with Iran. That is what Trump inherited. National branded media who succumb to temptation to spar with Trump over foolish memes, not for the first time, fail miserably as the watchdogs they promote themselves as.

Consider what happened in September, 2014 as the US president once again apparently considered a congressional run-around although other run-arounds, such as Obama’s executive decision to enter the US into a war in Libya, had disastrous consequences.

Left of center PBS reported

“Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif told the PBS NewsHour’s chief foreign affairs correspondent Margaret Warner on Friday that Iran would “accept” President Barack Obama’s promise to lift sanctions in ongoing negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program, rather than holding out for congressional action.”

In 2015 the United Nations Security Council published a list of individuals and entities on a sanctions list related to alleged terrorist activities. The list is tied to UN Security Council Resolution 2231  endorsing the agreement on Iran’s nuclear program. Obama’s UN rep Samantha Power praised the deal while still acknowledging “Iran’s support for terrorism.” Media did not, of course, call Power out for “alternative facts.”

Power also noted the resolution included a “‘snap-back’ mechanism that triggered a process to reinstate the sanctions in the event of non-compliance.” That ‘snap-back’, as of 2017, has yet to snap.

Now, let’s look at the specifics on those groups and entities the UN red-flagged—look closely at specific information about the individuals.

Now consider a UN Travel Ban on “Al-Qaida” that, based on the URL, appears to be dated 2016. Remind yourself al-Qaida is 100 percent Muslim. Remember, however, that Muslims differ in their practices in ways similar to Christians, and both Muslims and Christians are targeted by terrorists on a grand scale.

Democrats in the United States apparently had no qualms about that sweeping UN-Obama edict that certainly spanned more countries than those on Trump’s temporary list. Even the Dem senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) didn’t place politics above national security on that matter although he is doing that right now in regards to Trump’s freeze.

That particular UN ban was discussed in a presentation before the International Civil Aviation Organization.

Another UN Resolution, 2253, in December, 2015 acknowledged the mobility of terrorist fighters. As I have repeatedly explained to more Twits on Twitter than I can remember, terrorist recruitment is not a static matter confined to a single geographic area. It is mobile and transnational, as numerous terrorist attacks here at home indicate. Ft. Hood, Orlando, Boston, Ft. Lauderdale—these are not terror acts of a single state. They are acts based on ideologues recruiting from outside our country but targeting potential recruits inside our country. Media play dangerous games when they claim killings by Islamists on US soil are strictly domestic matters. They are not, by a long shot:

“Recalling its resolution 2178 (2014) expressing concern with the continued threat posed to international peace and security by ISIL, Al-Qaida, and associated individuals, groups, undertakings, and entities, and reaffirming its resolve to address all aspects of that threat, including terrorist acts perpetrated by foreign terrorist fighters, Condemning in the strongest terms abductions of women and children by ISIL…” [pg. 5]

Now check out what happened in 2016 when the entire world, including lofty US media and self-labeled ‘feminists’ like Ashley Judd and other women who gathered at the Vagina march, completely ignored the fact a female US sailor was forced to wear Islamic garb amid a very strange and still unexplained incident whereby Iran seized US Navy boats.

Lack of response to that insult reinforced my oft-repeated claim all the real feminists are dead.

Then there’s the mystery of Obama’s 2011 proclamation regarding a travel ban on the suspension of entry of aliens (his words, not mine) subject to UN Security Council Travel Bans. Links to information about countries in that proclamation have gone dead. The pages cannot even be accessed at the Internet Archive. Tidy little UN mystery, that, and it isn’t the first. The UN is not bound to transparency as a recent scandal in the history of that organization indicates.

Bottom line: Trump inherited a foreign policy mess. Syria and Libya, Obama’s endeavors, remain in conflagration. The Taliban is resurgent in Afghanistan. Iraq is a tossup. And the Islamic Republic of Iran remains our nemesis.

Meanwhile, leftists and their Democrat friends are pushing a narrative through global media that makes it appear the US president has banned all Muslims from the United States. There is nothing more reprehensible than lumping all Muslims into a group that includes Islamist imperialists bent on death and destruction for anyone, including Muslims, who do not agree with their antiquated interpretation of scripture.

Just as we were before September 11, 2001 and prior to that, before the World Trade Center bombing in late February, 1993 shortly after Bill Clinton took the White House the first time, we are vulnerable. Left of center federal judges, Democrats like Chuck Schumer, and many national US media are complicit in our vulnerability. Let us hope that we are spared another disaster. If one should happen, those entities will indeed have blood on their hands.

Many of these decision-makers are insulated from their policy pronouncements. Those of us in the real world are not.

Fact is Obama’s proclamation and the UN resolutions impacted Muslims. That media are assailing Trump at the moment for trying to keep Americans of all faiths safe is unforgivable and it should be remembered come the next election.

Meanwhile, we still don’t know what we gave Iran. President Trump might shed some light on that in the interest of retroactive transparency.

In 2010 there were, according to Pew Research, 49 Muslim majority countries. Trump’s temporary ban impacts seven.

As of now, incidentally, some of the countries on Trump’s list actually refuse to permit you in if you have an Israeli passport or stamp. See this and this.


(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Feb. 7, 2017)

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