Not leaked: JW suit reveals DoD cast Hillary Clinton as ‘insider threat’

DoD insider threats

It took Judicial Watch six months and a lawsuit to obtain information from the Dept. of Defense casting Hillary Clinton as an “insider threat”. (image from

As President Donald Trump deals with leaks from government insiders who worked, on taxpayer dollars, to produce a different outcome in the November election, media are ignoring another scandal related to President Barack Obama’s administration.

Media and many politicos cast Democrats’ selected candidate Hillary Clinton as a shoo-in for the presidency. Lurking beneath the surface was information the public deserved to know but never got. No one leaked the info; we know about it only because of a lawsuit filed by Judicial Watch.

PayPal contributions link adTurns out Mrs. Clinton was, according to documents JW has published, cast as an “insider threat” in a U.S. Department of the Army OpSec  (Operational Security)  PowerPoint presentation.

Also included as examples of insider threats were Washington Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis, Ft. Hood shooter Nidal Hasan, and Edward Snowden.

It took JW six months from the date of a FOIA request, and a lawsuit, to get the information from the Dept. of Defense.

Meanwhile, insiders who pre-dated the Trump administration appear to be doing everything they can to upend a legal election, feeding media classified information. It’s horrendous the partisan scribes at outlets like The NY Times are seeing information the US people funded but have no access to. Media have based stories on anonymous sources, topped the stories with clickbait headlines, and admitted there is no evidence of wrongdoing (once you get past the headline and lede).

A statement from JW said:

“Clinton and Petraeus are cited as examples of “Careless or disgruntled employees.” Former Secretary Clinton conducted official government business using a email account, which was hosted on a server in her home in Chappaqua, New York.  Judicial Watch’s extensive FOIA litigation pried loose Clinton email records, which proved she sent and received classified information on an unsecure server while serving as secretary of state.”

It’s doubtful Democrats’ powerful allies in media will cover this story. Apparently no one inside the intelligence community cared enough to let Americans know a potential president was a national security “insider threat”.

As media focus on Trump’s relationship with Russia, what is completely overlooked is the fact both Obama and Mrs. Clinton’s policies strengthened Russia, and some decisions, under a different administration than Obama’s, would most definitely have qualified as scandals.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Feb. 16, 2017)


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