California secessionist lives in Russia as analyst’s prediction about US breakup forgotten

Obama and Putin Sept. 28, 2015

President Barack Obama (right) met with Russia president Vladimir Putin (center) in New York on Sept. 28, 2015. (White House photo by Pete Souza)

In 2008 I wrote about a Russia analyst’s prediction making its way around some media.  Igor Panarin forecast the United States would disintegrate into sections that may be controlled by foreign countries. Panarnin claimed there would be six sections, and this would happen by 2010.

It hasn’t quite happened yet, although divisiveness continues, fanned by interests aligned with leftist politics. Now a report in The Washington Post takes a look at a leader in the “Californian independence movement.”  That characterization is a shining example of why many Americans detest national media. The paper, to say the least, is not horrified.

The paper did use the term “secede” early on in the article, but casting Louis J. Marinelli not as a secessionist but as a leader of an independence movement more than anything illustrates the double standard media gifts the left. “Independence” is a far kinder word than “secession.”

The story said California secession efforts have “been going relatively well of late.”

Marinelli lives in Russia.

At present, opposition forces to President Donald Trump have turned to Russia as bogeyman. Yet the secessionist leader actually lives in Russia. Ironically the secessionist voted for Trump, not because he genuinely supports Trump. Quite the opposite:

“We need things that we can use to promote the cause, and I think Donald Trump is a daily advertisement for that cause…”

The analyst’s forecast was obviously off because we are still the United States of America. His projection, however, is intriguing. Here’s how Panarnin envisioned the breakup:

“The first part is the US Pacific Coast. Here is an example. The Chinese make about 53 percent of San Francisco’s population. An ethnic Chinese used to be the governor of the State of Washington, whereas its capital, Seattle, is dubbed as the gateway for Chinese emigration to the USA. The Pacific Coast gradually falls under the influence of China. The second part is the south and the Mexicans. The Spanish language is widely spread there, it has almost become a state language of the territory. Texas openly fights for its independence. The Atlantic Coast represents a different ethnos and a different mindset, which may split into two. Central depressive regions make the final group. I have to remind here that five central states of the USA, where Indians live, declared their independence. It was considered a joke, a political show, but it’s a fact. Canada’s influence is strong in the north. We can claim Alaska after all, it was granted on a lease…”

Considering the mysterious lifestyle of a major secessionist leader, it’s interesting few media are directing criticism at him.

Nor did media direct criticism at President Barack Obama and his first secretary of state Hillary Clinton for soft policy with Russia. As a matter of fact, during the 2012 cycle, Russia’s Pravda newspaper praised Obama in glowing terms.

Panarin believed an “economic and moral collapse will trigger a civil war” and the dissolution would ensue.

During Obama’s presidencies, Russian spies were caught in a scenario right out of the TV series The Americans, NATO (at a steep loss) sold to Russia a major naval base partly funded with US tax dollars, and Russia gained a sizable share of US uranium interests. Media were anything but outraged, and Trump critics like Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) were mum as a ball of knitting yarn.

Republicans did speak up, however, in 2014 when the Obama administration decided to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to purchase helicopters from Russia. Russia Today touted the defiance in a story titled, Pentagon ‘defies Congress to buy Russian helicopters for Afghanistan’.

It’s ironic the Obama administration carried an 8-year pass on Russia relations while Trump has been targeted politically in a misinformation campaign aimed at upending his presidency after media’s preferred candidate, Hillary Clinton, lost.

The Washington Post story on the California secessionist who lives in Russia was benign. After all, the Russia resident is a leftist. Never mind he’s working to dissolve part of the Republic.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Feb. 20, 2017)

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