Will a president disavow his and his secretary of state’s favors for Russia?

Obama and Putin Sept. 28, 2015

President Barack Obama (right) met with Russia president Vladimir Putin (center) in New York on Sept. 28, 2015. (White House photo by Pete Souza)

Having temporarily discarded the race card, opponents of President Donald Trump flipped their meme to Russia. For months, accusations have flown, sourced to anonymous leakers, targeting Trump and his associates’ alleged ties to Russia.

Fact is Russia was granted generous favors. And thus far, none of the grantors have disavowed their actions. 

Obama Medvedev 2012 more flexibility

Obama makes promises to then-Russia president Medvedev in 2012. The president was unaware the mic was on. (Video snip, left of center network The Young Turks)

Those favors weren’t granted by Trump. Former president Barack Obama and his secretary of state Hillary Clinton granted them.

For those who have an attention span longer than a gnat’s, there is an in depth report on exactly how beneficial Obama’s policy was with Russia. The report not only details how the US government, pushed by the tech sector allied with Dems, handed over technology to the Putin regime. There’s also a section on Clinton insider John Podesta’s Russia connections.

PayPal contributions link adThe report details how former President Bill Clinton met directly with Vladimir Putin “on at least two occasions in 2009 and 2010.” Mr. Clinton received half a million dollars for a speech in Russia in 2010. He was paid by a financial entity in Russia for what must have truly been earth-shaking remarks.

There are also allegations Clinton supporters funded environmental groups in the US to protest fossil fuels. Why? Russia’s oil market would benefit if global supplies decreased.

I’ve written a number of articles about favors granted to Russia by Obama-Clinton policies. A sizable share of US uranium is now controlled by Russia. A key NATO naval base, Olavsvern, was handed over to Russia. That base received millions in taxpayer dollars from the US.

The Obama administration even invited Russia troops to train with US troops. How much cozier can you get than that?

When Podesta headed up the Center for American Progress, Russia was depicted in a report from that organization as a positive, not a negative:

“In July 2009, CAP released a 68-page study advocating for closer relations with the Russian government.114 The piece called for “deepening economic ties,” with Russia and argued that U.S. economic interest would be furthered “through increased trade ties and an improved investment climate.” The monograph, which was scholarly in appearance, argued that critics who favored a “tough” approach with Russia were “producing outcomes that are not in the national interest of the United States.”

Non-disclosure of some interests by Podesta and beneficial deals for Clinton donors are included in the Government Accountability Institute report. If you think you know Russia-US policy, think again.

As Congress prepares to investigate whether the Obama administration spied on the Trump campaign while President Obama served as de facto surrogate for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, we have to admit it makes no sense for Congress to simply investigate one aspect of this matter.

Congress should also investigate the Obama-Clinton policy with Russia, look at money trails, and see where things go. Trump should demand this. So should the American people.

Thus far, neither Mrs. Clinton nor former president Obama have disavowed the policies they implemented that enriched Russia and by proxy, President Putin. Media haven’t asked a single question about the contradiction between what the Clinton-Obama faction is saying now and what they were saying as they handed Russia assets that enriched the communist government.

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