Top Republican says purchasing across state lines will be added to AHA

Rep. McCarthy updates on AHA via Twitter

House Majority Leader Rep. McCarthy posts updates about the healthcare reform bill AHA/Trumpcare on his Twitter page @GOPLeader.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) weighed in on the process for the repeal of key features of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care/Obamacare tax bill. McCarthy said the process will be in three phases. “Phase One” has already been rolled out.

On Fox and Friends on Thursday, McCarthy answered questions about Republicans’ strategy.

McCarthy explained:

“Because of the Senate rules and because we have to go through reconciliation, through a budget process, we cannot put everything in the bill when it comes to replacement. The second phase …through Dr. Tom Price, Health and Human Services secretary…a lot of power in the ACA [Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act/Obamacare] was given to the secretary…there’s 1,400 points in that bill that allows the power of the secretary…and then the third phase…those bills will take 60 votes like getting insurance across state lines, tort reform, and others.”

PayPal contributions link adMcCarthy said the only reason purchasing across state lines is not in Phase One of the bill is because Senate rules will not allow it to be through reconciliation. McCarthy said, “That is something we will pass.”

President Donald Trump was reportedly surprised the ability to purchase across state lines was not in the initial legislation.

McCarthy’s interview provides information many in legacy and conservative media aren’t distributing. The full video about phases in the AHA legislative process is posted on Fox News’ website.

In a complete reversal of the process Democrats took  passing the PPACA/Obamacare, Republicans published the entire text of the AHA bill online. House speaker Paul Ryan has faced criticism for the contents of the text, and some is justified. However, full transparency should be applauded when either party provides it.

In yesterday’s column, I provided an initial analysis of key aspects of the AHA/Trumpcare. I will continue to track all phases of the AHA process.

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(Commentary by Kay B. Day/March 9, 2017)

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