Russia and taxes ‘scoops’ on Trump go belly up

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Ahead of her pundit show on Sunday, Rachel Maddow teased the public via social media. That isn’t unusual—who among us doesn’t want as many eyes as possible on a “scoop”? Late last night after Maddow’s scoop went belly up, social media denizens were shredding Maddow’s brand and another belly up scoop was being studiously ignored.

Trump response to Maddow

Trump responded to Maddow’s claims about how she obtained his tax return.

Bottom line: Trump’s tax returns and another brouhaha over ties to Russia failed to prove anything. On the contrary, Trump will now benefit from both failed ‘scoops’. 

Maddow first claimed to have President Donald Trump’s tax returns, but on Twitter [@Maddow], she amended her initial claims:

“What we’ve got is from 2005… the President’s 1040 form… details to come tonight 9PM ET, MSNBC.”

The left has been obsessed with President Trump’s tax returns since Hillary Clinton, Democrats selected nominee for the presidency, falsely claimed Trump paid no income taxes. Mrs. Clinton may have relied on a false story run in The Washington Post. Leftists of course will ignore these falsehoods because media figures like Maddow happily exploit dismay over Mrs. Clinton’s loss in order to drive traffic to their networks and websites.

A ‘fact-check’ site definitely not a bastion of conservatism confirmed Mrs. Clinton’s false statements on the matter.

By the time Maddow finished her latest anti-Trump conspiracy tale on Sunday, viewers realized they’d been had. Some on the left were horrified. What Maddow did reveal, courtesy of a couple pages of a stolen tax return dating more than a decade in the past, was that Trump did pay taxes and he did earn a great deal of money.

We don’t know how the tax return was obtained. We do know it is illegal to publish that information without permission of the taxpayer.

After Maddow’s scoop imploded, leftist media created a new meme, theorizing Trump may have leaked the document himself to make himself look good. Such claims are actually being reported by some legacy media. Therefore, I am seriously considering founding a tinfoil hat factory.

The second scoop blew up after documents were deemed forgeries. A dark operative in the business of smearing Republicans claimed to have proof of Russia ties to Trump associates. That claim involved more than $1 billion in payoffs. The whole story is very complex, but to their credit (it pains me to say that), editors at BuzzFeed picked the ‘1.6 billion hoax’ apart and offered a good analysis of the many questionable points in a cloak and dagger tale that also involved a Democrat ‘activist’ not only known for falsehoods but also for criminal acts harming others:

“In September 1978 a series of homemade explosive devices blew up in Speedway, Indiana, including one that maimed a Vietnam veteran who later fell into a deep depression and killed himself. Kimberlin was convicted of planting all of them and spent a total of 17 years in federal prison for that and other crimes, including drug conspiracy and impersonating a federal officer.”

Needless to say, if the tables were turned and Republican operatives were smearing a new president who was a Democrat, media would be lined up for meds at the nearest therapist’s office.

How many leftists won’t even be aware they’ve been lied to by top media brands?

Maddow took a scorching from Trump supporters on Twitter. One parody account, @NewtGingritch, tweeted:

Newt Gingrich‏ @NewtGingritch  8h8 hours ago


Breaking Tonight: Rachel Maddow reports that Trump Tower is named after Trump. #TrumpTaxReturns @maddow

A check of Maddow’s Twitter line as I was about to publish this showed no new tweets after her epic failure last night.

What is doubly ironic is that despite policies by President Barack Obama and his first secretary of state Hillary Clinton benefiting Russia, no one has called for an investigation of either of them.

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(Commentary by Kay B. Day/March 15, 2017)

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