Why is Congress ignoring House IT investigation with Capitol Police in lead?

U.S. Capitol; Carol M. Highsmith

U.S. Capitol Building by Carol M. Highsmith/U.S. Library of Congress Digital Collection

The House Oversight & Government Reform Committee hasn’t faced a barrage of questions about an investigation with national security implications. Media have largely ignored the investigation. Making things even more questionable is the fact the criminal probe is being conducted by the US Capitol Police, not the FBI.

At the heart of the matter is an IT worker, Imran Awan, whose salary was funded by a number of members of Congress. He appears to have been a shared employee or contractor. The Daily Caller has done the heavy lifting on this investigation, and reading about it yields more questions than answers. 

Awan’s position gave him power over the most useful commodity in Washington besides money—information:

“Congressional IT staffers who are the subject of a criminal investigation into misusing their positions had full access to members’ “correspondence, emails, confidential files,” and there was almost no tracking of what they did, a former House technology worker said.”

Awan believed in personal networking too. The Daily Caller’s investigative group reported, “[F]our of his relatives — including brothers Abid and Jamal — appeared on the payroll of dozens of other members, collecting $4 million in taxpayer funds since 2010

Considering the hacks of leading Democrats and their party arm the DNC, it’s suspect that so little attention is being directed at this investigation.

Awan was apparently adept at getting around red tape to secure permissions. Doing so obstructed the creation of a paper (or cyber) trail. His cronies certainly benefited, to the tune of millions of taxpayer dollars:

“House authorities set their sights on the Awans while investigating the existence of a secret server that was funneling congressional data off-site.”

They also suspect Imran of stealing money and equipment. Soon after he joined Wasserman Schultz’s congressional payroll in 2005, four of his relatives and one of his friends began getting paid by House members. It is not clear whether ghost employees are part of the theft being investigated, but the family collected a combined $5 million.”

Did the IT workers’ activities have anything to do with the breach of DNC data? Possibly:

“Among members whose systems may have been compromised is Florida Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who was also the target of an email hack while she served as chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) during the 2016 campaign.”

Why aren’t media asking more questions about this? Was data compromised? Was the ‘hacking’ of information during the election related to any of these IT workers?

PayPal contributions link adAbove all, how in the world is the investigative agency the Capitol Police?

Remember when FBI director James Comey said the DNC wouldn’t give him access to the DNC server during the investigation of hacked materials? Does that have anything to do with this?

Why hasn’t Oversight chairman Jason Chaffetz demanded answers?


All we seem to have right now are questions. According to reports by The Daily Caller, Awan and his fellows worked for House Democrats. Some of those Democrats reportedly served on the House Intel Committee.

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(Commentary by Kay B. Day/March 15, 2017)

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