Was McDonald’s ensnared by rogue tweet?

Fast food chain McDonald’s appears to have been ensnared in a rogue Tweet aimed at President Donald Trump. In addition to calling Trump “a disgusting excuse of a President [sic],” the person who posted the pinned Tweet jumped into the gutter alongside most legacy media. As with many messages on Twitter, the tweet was replete with grammatical errors.

Here’s a screen capture of the original Tweet [story continues after graphic]:

derogatory McDonalds Tweet on Trump

Derogatory tweet about President Trump via @McDonaldsCorp on Twitter. Via CNN on Twitter.

McDonald’s then issued a standard “account is compromised” Tweet and deleted the leftwing smear. The corporation says it is “investigating.”

Both Democrats and Trump supporters then proceeded to go at one another on Twitter, and nothing was held back on either side. You can read various tweets about this under the hashtag McDonald’s.

For the uninformed, McDonald’s hired Robert Gibbs as executive vice president and global chief communications officer. Gibbs was President Barack Obama’s press secretary before serving as the Democrat’s senior campaign adviser during the  2012 presidential election cycle.

Gibbs did what all press secs do—he distributed White House talking points. However, Gibbs was never criticized by legacy media for numerous falsehoods involving taxes in the PPACA/Obamacare tax bill and promised decreases in premiums that never occurred (unless you were on Medicaid and getting it free), falsely telling the world al Qaeda was on the path to defeat, and calling ISIS the ‘Jayvee’ team (the president got his ‘facts’ wrong on that as well). Gibbs never faced ridicule or scorn from legacy media about the Obama administration’s bizarre unilateral engagement in the Libya civil war, gun-running (ATF) across the Mexican border, or shakedowns of private businesses and abuse of civil forfeiture. Most Americans remain uninformed about the Obama era because legacy media claiming to be objective advocate for the Democrats’ party.

PayPal contributions link adIt’s ironic McDonald’s would alienate Trump supporters who hail from a variety of political sectors while appealing to the left sector often criticizing fast food establishments in general.

Whether the transnational corporation’s stock will take a hit is questionable. It’s likely the PR team is attempting to come up with a strategy now to deal with the insulting Tweet about Trump because news cycles will take note. It always takes print and TV a day or two to catch up with the Web.

I found something else funny about the original Tweet. The poster of the Tweet referenced the size of Trump’s hands in a juvenile attempt at snark. What’s funny about that? In the iconic photo of Obama and Trump in the White House, their hands are similar in size.

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(Commentary by Kay B. Day/March 16, 2017)

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