Judge Watson’s ruling on Trump temporary travel ban shows ‘illogic’: See Yemen

Yemen map

Map of Yemen/CIA World Fact Book

Federal Judge Derrick Watson (Hawaii) penned a 43-page shutdown of President Donald Trump’s executive order temporarily freezing travel from six conflict-plagued countries. Watson, said The Guardian, wrote that the Trump administration’s “illogic…is palpable.”

What is palpable is the absolute ignorance of this judge who is apparently also ignorant about what is happening in Yemen and other countries on the list like Somalia and Syria. What is even more palpable is the dogged advocacy for anything anti-Trump in US media who failed completely and repeatedly in reportage ahead of and after terror attacks here in the US.

Many in legacy media have adopted an anti-American position, accusing Americans who want national security to be stabilized of being “nationalists” and worse.

What did the judge miss? 

For starters, a collection of judges and media advocates continue to call the ban a “Muslim ban.” It isn’t. The countries are majority Muslim, and are certainly not baskets of diversity like the US is. The extreme leftist groups advocating against Trump, among them the ACLU, are playing politics. After all, no one called screamed “Islamophobe” when President Barack Obama placed travel restrictions on those same countries. For a truly political take on that, see Democrat-friendly CNN’s report. At no point did CNN or anyone else question why additional countries weren’t added to Obama’s list.

Both the US government and United Kingdom government’s websites disprove the judge’s misplaced activism from the bench. There is no way to vet “refugees” from these countries.

See Yemen. You can learn a lot by visiting both US and UK government sites.

The UK, for instance, advises travelers to stay away from Yemen:

“Due to increased security risk, on 11 February 2015 the operations of the British Embassy in Sana’a were temporarily suspended and diplomatic staff withdrawn.” [and]

“There is considered to be a heightened threat of terrorist attack globally against UK interests and British nationals, from groups or individuals motivated by the conflict in Iraq and Syria.”

The US Government details risks in Yemen:

“The U.S. government is severely limited in what assistance it can directly provide to U.S. citizens in detention. There is no U.S. government presence on the ground following the rebel takeover of Sanaa. The Department of State suspended embassy operations and U.S. Embassy Sanaa American staff relocated out of the country in February 2015. All consular services, routine and/or emergency, are suspended until further notice.”

There are more than 2 million displaced persons in Yemen. What played a part in making Yemen’s stability even weaker? That Arab Spring the Obama Administration (including Hillary Clinton) and their allies in media wallowed in, praising it as though it was the second coming of whatever deity you worship.

Saudi Arabia took note, and according to the CIA World Fact Book:

“Saudi Arabia has reinforced its concrete-filled security barrier along sections of the fully demarcated border with Yemen to stem illegal cross-border activities.”

PayPal contributions link adWhen globalists like Obama and Democrats in Congress insist on throwing open US borders and tell Americans refugees are “vetted,” they are spinning pure fiction. Consider the Navy SEALs operation that went south, with some believing the terrorists were tipped off, in Yemen. Media reported the SEALs were “startled by combat readiness” when the late January, 2017 operation began. Women participated in the enemy battle lines, putting a big question mark on criticism of “civilian” casualties.

Then, there’s this:

“Special operations forces recently had conducted only one known counterterrorism ground raid against al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) in Yemen. Experience about what exactly to expect from AQAP fighters was lacking.”

So much for our famous US intelligence community too busy with politics to do the work we pay them to do.

Judge Watson’s “illogic” is indeed palpable and careless. The majority of terrorists around the globe fighting a war against the West are Islamists. The countries on Trump’s list originally targeted by Obama are Muslim majority, in part because Christians, Wiccans, Jews and whoever else wants to share faith cannot do it in a Muslim majority country.

Watson also, right under our noses, seized power from the executive branch of our government and placed it in his own judicial hands. He should be impeached and shown the door. To risk national security in the interest of pure politics is inexcusable. In the past, it would be called treason.

By the way, Judge Watson feels safe. Why? Hawaii took no refugees in 2016.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/March 17, 2017)

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