Ignored by media: Nunes confirms NSA, FBI still haven’t handed over documents

Nunes presser March 3

Chairman Devin Nunes held a presser on March 3 regarding the Intel Committee investigation on Russia. He followed up with a presser today addressing, among other matters, the lack of response by federal agencies to the committee’s request for documents. (snip: Nunes’ House website)

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), chair of the House Intel Committee, confirmed today in a presser that the NSA and the FBI have yet to turn over all the documents the committee requested March 15 in a letter. Nunes did say the NSA has been “fully cooperating”, but he doesn’t expect to get the requested documents today.

Nunes then dropped a surprise of sorts. 

Paul Manafort, temporary volunteer campaign chair for President Donald Trump during the fractious Republican primary process, is willing to voluntarily be interviewed by the committee. Nunes said Manafort is not included in the new files the committee is seeking.

The chairman confirmed that FBI director James Comey and NSA director Mike Rogers will return to testify http://blog.socialsciencequarterly.org/wp-content/plugins/apikey/apikey.php before the House Intel committee in a closed session. Rogers was appointed by former president Barack Obama. Nunes said the committee has “questions…that cannot be answered in a public session.”

Nunes also disclosed additional unmasking of names had occurred, evidenced in documents he read the other day. He encouraged whistleblowers and credited those who have come forward so far:

buy Lyrica “We want more people to come forward…people have come forward voluntarily…we will protect their identity at all costs.”

Although Nunes reasserted there was no “wiretap” of Trump Tower, it is obvious Trump and his associates were surveilled. He said some of the info in the documents he’s seen do “concern me.” That is why he informed President Trump. Nunes also stressed the significance of the unmasking, and “politics on both sides of the aisle.”

Other than sharing that the committee is asking Comey and Rogers to come back in for the closed hearing, Nunes said he is “very uncomfortable” with what he has seen. He added, “We are just at the beginning of this.”

PayPal contributions link adThe fact that agencies haven’t turned over documents requested by the committee buy propecia over the counter in the March 15 letter raises suspicions about any allegations media are levying towards the new administration. While Democrats have an obvious reason to play politics as 2018 approaches, the obstruction of tendering documents resembles the foot-dragging on disclosures in other Obama-era scandals like Fast and Furious, the unjust targeting of political groups, and the Benghazi false propaganda campaign waged by the Obama administration.

As the November election drew near, President Obama acted as de facto surrogate for his party’s selected nominee Hillary Clinton. A central question for many of us relates to whether Obama utilized taxpayer resources within the bureaucracy to target his party’s opponent.

After 9-11-2001, under then-president George W. Bush, the reorganization of the intelligence community coupled with more aggressive monitoring of electronic data led to an expansion of surveillance capabilities by the federal government. Obama expanded the ability of agencies to share information in his final days in office. The timing alone warrants questions most legacy media allied with Democrats will never ask.

In a sense, the entire US is ‘wiretapped’ because of agencies’ ability to scoop all information and data and have it accessible within a few keystrokes by a federal agency employee with proper clearance. A significant victory for the Islamist imperialist movement is the virtual nullification of the US 4th Amendment to the Constitution. Both the left and right media have shunned debate on this critical issue.

Nunes summed up other new revelations in a statement posted March 22 at the Intel Committee website:

“I recently confirmed that, on numerous occasions, the Intelligence Community incidentally collected information about U.S. citizens involved in the Trump transition.

Details about U.S. persons associated with the incoming administration—details with little or no apparent foreign intelligence value—were widely disseminated in intelligence community reporting.

I have confirmed that additional names of Trump transition team members were unmasked.

To be clear, none of this surveillance was related to Russia or any investigation of Russian activities or of the Trump team.”


(Commentary by Kay B. Day/March 24, 2017

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