Rep. Maxine Waters tells 63 million voters you’re not as patriotic as ‘we are’

Maxine Waters on MSNBC

Video snip of Waters from MSNBC via The Washington Free Beacon.

Rep. Maxine Waters, 79 year old congresswoman from California on the Democrats’ side of the aisle, is known for popping off remarks that often make little sense. Not long ago, she told media Russia President Vladimir Putin was “continuing to advance into Korea.”

Hopefully the MSNBC youth soaking up fake news didn’t believe her.

Now Waters has done it again, telling 63 million US voters we are not as patriotic as she is. 

PayPal contributions link adWaters has been on a one-woman crusade vilifying President Donald Trump. A poster (senior) girl for the ‘not-my-president’ sector, you can bet Waters has impeaching Trump on her bucket list. That isn’t surprising. Waters hitched her wagon to Bill Clinton’s star long ago and it has benefited her and her family.

Waters’ husband benefited—he was named ambassador to the Bahamas when Mr. Clinton held the White House. Sidney Williams, Mrs. Waters’ spouse, received a glowing recommendation for the position from his wife. What were Mr. Williams’ qualifications? Well, he did have a Mercedes dealership in Hollywood, and he played pro football.  He once served as chief of staff to a council member in L.A. There was that.

Waters is the consummate insider. She was sullied by her Beltway shenanigans regarding a bank. She failed to mention her hubby the former ambassador owned stock in the bank. Not much came of it—Dems cleared her on ethics allegations of course. Still, she’s been named one of the “most corrupt” members of Congress several times.

If you can put up with no paragraph breaks and slightly jumbled format, The LA Times also covered how Mrs. Waters’ family members have done very well, allegedly courtesy of Mrs. Waters’ well-constructed political apparatchik.

In 2009 Waters told an oil company executive the government could take over and run the oil companies.  Worthy of Fidel Castro, that one. Naturally, Mrs. Waters has long admired the despot of Cuba who passed on in November, 2016. Did Trump’s victory send Mr. Castro over the ridge into another dimension? Someone should ask the congresswoman with a penchant for conspiracy theories.

Shortly before President Trump was inaugurated, Waters appeared on Democrats’ go-to network MSNBC to promote a conspiracy theory. It might have been the Russians who came up with the nickname “Crooked Hillary”! You really can’t make this stuff up.

Waters is so famous among those not on the extreme left there’s even a mashup of some of her bizarre statements, courtesy of The Washington Free Beacon.

This week Waters stood on the House floor and dedicated remarks to Trump bashing. She went one further, though. She told Trump voters, “You’re not nearly as patriotic as we are.” 

Thus, Waters has now insulted approximately 63 million US voters spread across 30 US states and one district in Maine. Waters’ candidate Mrs. Clinton took 19 states, the District of Columbia, and a piece of Maine. I included these data points to put that “popular vote” propaganda in perspective.

Waters has been in Congress since 1991. Like her fellow dinosaur Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), she has long ceased to be a rational voice in the cesspool Washington has become.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/March 28, 2017)

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