One calm head at WSJ: Yes, Nunes should stay

Nunes presser March 3

Chairman Devin Nunes held a presser on March 3 regarding the Intel Committee investigation on Russia. He followed up with a presser addressing, among other matters, the lack of response by federal agencies to the committee’s request for documents. (snip: Nunes’ House website)

Democrats campaigning in the post-election effort to derail Republican president Donald Trump have had lots of help from legacy media. The Wall Street Journal has been a constant critic of Trump, along with many other media rallying to leftwing causes.

Apparently there’s one calm head left at The WSJ. Kimberly Strassel sums up the dustup over Rep. Devin Nunes’ decision to share information with the Trump administration. Nunes didn’t share info about the propaganda effort I have dubbed ‘Russia did it.’ 

Instead, he made the president and the public aware former president Barack Obama and his team spied on the incoming administration despite public pledges to ensure a smooth transition. Nunes learned of the spying totally unrelated to Russia memes, and there’s a reason he had to view it on White House grounds. Strassel noted, “Congress members must view most classified material on executive-branch grounds, since that’s the only way to access it physically.”

PayPal contributions link adI agree completely with Strassel’s position on the matter. I also realize something Democrats have missed. Going “forward”, will it be acceptable for the Republican in the White House to spy on his opposition come 2020? That is the precedent Obama and his insiders have established.

Strassel’s analysis is well worth your time. Nunes should most definitely stay in his role in the “Russia” investigation. He’s chair of the House Intelligence Committee, and he is one of the few in Washington to tell Americans what is really going on amid media and partisan congressional falsehoods.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/March 31, 2017)

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