Will leftstream media dismiss the latest Rice scandal despite her handy list?

Susan Rice Twitter Archive

As we said on the Web, this tweet has not aged well. (From Rice archives on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AmbRice44 )

Despite contradicting herself again, Susan Rice, former national security adviser to former president Barack Obama, hasn’t drawn gotcha questions from leftstream (formerly ‘mainstream’) media. Rice is at the center of a major controversy on the level of the Watergate scandal. Select media who bring many Americans their carefully crafted “news” continue to dismiss gigantic, negative implications for those of us outside the Beltway. 

Rice first said she didn’t unmask names “incidentally” captured during surveillance activities. However, as reported by Mike Cernovich who broke the story, Obama’s “right-hand” has contradicted herself on unmasking those names.

Bear in mind most of those I’d consider leftstream media—CNN, ABC, et al—derided President Donald Trump when he claimed his campaign had been “wire-tapped.” Note the quotes Trump used in his original tweet according to Cernovich.

While left of center Americans appear to be fine with spying they were definitely not fine with in pre-Obama days, those of us who remain consistent on such matters regardless of party are appalled. It is a fact the 4th Amendment to the US Constitution is almost decimated, both on the federal and state levels.

There’s a must-read for anyone interested in this developing story. An analysis penned by Andrew McCarthy for National Review sums up the reason Ms. Rice is once again proving herself adept at disinformation:

“The thing to bear in mind is that the White House does not do investigations. Not criminal investigations, not intelligence investigations.” [and]

There would have been no intelligence need for Susan Rice to ask for identities to be unmasked. If there had been a real need to reveal the identities — an intelligence need based on American interests — the unmasking would have been done by the investigating agencies.”

McCarthy breaks down the controversy expertly.

Even leftist publications like The Washington Post had to admit Rice’s remarks “do lead to some legitimate questions.”

Legitimate questions for Rice may be an exercise in futility as the old saying goes. For one thing, Rice has never been held accountable for the disinformation campaign she was part of regarding attacks on US property in Benghazi (Libya) ahead of the 2012 presidential election. That scandal was downplayed repeatedly by leftstream outlets, despite statements from people who were on the ground when terrorists attacked the US mission.

Personally, I will never forget what Tig Tiegen, one of the contractors who escaped Benghazi with his life, said at a luncheon I attended. Asked his opinion on why help wasn’t sent, Tiegen said:

“I don’t think they wanted us to live.”  

After all, dead men tell no tales.

Media were complicit in the Benghazi coverup. Had it not been for media outside that leftstream apparatchik, we probably never would have known much of anything about it.

Rice stepped on her own toes again when, after the Bowe Bergdahl scandal, she said the man considered a deserter and even a traitor by many Americans had served his country “with honor and distinction.” She doubled down on those remarks and appeared sympathetic to Bergdahl. Imagine the impact this sort of behavior had on soldiers who really did serve with honor placing their lives on the line in war zones.

CNN did take notice of the Rice controversy, with anchors and bow-tied pundits directing viewers to ignore the story.

Rice has long been a “fixer” for her party’s politicos. Like most others in the Obama administration, Rice served in the Clinton administration. I often said during the 2016 presidential campaign the Clintons had been running the US the whole time Obama served as president. I stick to that conviction because the evidence is right under all our noses

On social media conversations are beginning to mention a report by The Wall Street Journal suggesting Rice wasn’t the only one in the Obama regime requesting unmasking of names. By happenstance, I found an article Rice wrote shortly before the election. It was posted at the White House website. She lists names of key officials in the Obama regime. I’d wager at least one of those names on that handy list may be the WSJ’s additional unmasker.

Besides the overdue questions about unmasking, many questions should be asked about who did the leaking. To date nothing illegal has emerged regarding the ongoing Russia meme Democrats launched after other revenge memes failed to gain traction when Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election. The only potential for illegality that has emerged involves questions about unmasking and leaking.

Rice may have been Obama’s “right hand,” but it’s obvious some in her circle didn’t know what the left hand was doing or won’t admit they did know.

Thus far, it appears the Obama regime spied on political opposition ahead of a presidential election. If so, that spying would comprise Watergate 2 with a Democrat at the helm.

The story may not be trending on Google, Twitter, or other left-leaning sites. But it is certainly trending among Americans who know the US government has no right to spy on innocent people purely for political purposes. As I have said on social media, the entire US has been “wire-tapped,” because electronic information on all of us is routinely scooped and it sits right there for the taking by any bureaucrat or appointee who has access to it. Let that sink in and don’t fool yourself you’ll never be targeted if you do nothing wrong.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/April 5, 2016)

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