Breaking: Freedom Watch files ethics complaint against Schiff

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Klayman announced the complaint against Schiff on April 6. (Snip/Twitter @LarryEKlayman)

Larry Klayman, founder of Freedom Watch, has announced filing an ethics complaint against Democrat congressman Adam Schiff (CA).

Schiff is ranking member for Dems on the committee investigating allegations about Russia’s impact on the US presidential election. The California congressman appeared to publicly clear President Barack Obama’s former national security adviser recently although Susan Rice has contradicted her own statements about spying on the Trump campaign. Questions have arisen about the distribution of classified information.

FW posted the full letter on the organization’s website.

Presumably, the complaint is filed with the Office of Congressional Ethics, an independent entity that can investigate and then decide whether to follow up on or dismiss the complaint.

The OCE functions independently while the House Committee on Ethics is an official arm of Congress. Anyone can file a complaint with the OCE, obviously opening a wide door into potential politicization of issues via personal targeting.

Only a member of Congress can file a complaint with the House Committee on Ethics.

Americans probably don’t realize the relatively new OCE can easily be weaponized, as Democrat allies in the advocacy community appear to have done by filing complaints against Devin Nunes, head of the intel committee investigating Russia.

The complaint letter from FW included this:

“It is now clear that as Ranking Member of the House Intelligence Committee, Schiff has been fully aware of and sought to cover up widespread crimes, multitudes of felonies, of warrantless surveillance of U.S. citizens within the domestic United States for partisan political purposes and partisan advantage, invasion of privacy, and illegal disclosure of classified information. These multiple felonies have occurred under the presidential administrations of both Barack Hussein Obama and before him George W. Bush in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001.”

Based on remarks made publicly by Schiff, his objectivity is definitely questionable.

(Filed by Kay B. Day/April 6, 2017)

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