Whedon factor: Why I call Twitter the cesspool of social media

Ryan with teen cancer survivors

Ryan’s Tweet drew insults from a film writer and director who suggested the girls, teen cancer survivors, weren’t a ’10’. I think all these survivors are beautiful.

Imagine this. A Tinseltown star born with a silver pedigree enjoys a charmed life doing what he loves—directing and writing films. He’s fortunate—you’d think he’d spread sunshine wherever he goes.

Instead, he appears bent on spreading negativity and hatred towards those he disagrees with politically. That is the true mark of authoritarianism—an insistence that only one belief system is acceptable. Joss Whedon, in my opinion, demonstrates all that is wrong with politics these days. 

He spends time on Twitter, engaging in what the Left calls ‘hate speech.’ For instance his response to Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) on Easter Sunday, the holiest day on the Christian calendar, indicated complete lack of respect for the faith. I spent time reading his Tweets, and I didn’t see that hatred directed at any other faith. That may be a matter of self-preservation, because if you insult some faiths, you could lose your head. You can target Christianity and have no fear for your safety or your career. That is the only major faith I can say that about.

That anti-Christian Tweet, however, isn’t the lowest example of how low Whedon can descend.

Whedon tried flaccid humor about bestiality to let the world know how much he disliked House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI).

Then Whedon incredibly went even lower than that.

This guy actually insulted teen cancer survivors by implying Ryan gave them a ‘Not a 10’ card. Talk about misogyny.

Did I mention he passes himself off as a defender of women’s rights?

You can read more revelations in what appears to be a very sad life on Whedon’s Twitter page. 

I’m accustomed to spitefully wired entertainment types whose industry is reliant on taxpayer handouts and generous tax deduction options, but the cancer survivor Tweet offended me to the point I will never spend a dime on any product that is Whedon-related.

For me, that’s an unusual step because I don’t like boycotts and I don’t like shunning people just because they believe differently than I do. I practice tolerance even as I listen to a lot of intolerant types preach it.

Unlike Whedon and his political kin, I see people in more than one dimension.

Whedon isn’t alone. So many on the left today close their minds to the rights and value of others. His ardor for the Democrat Party is similar to that of groupies who worship other parties and never question their own ideologies.

Whedon is a perfect example of why I call Twitter the cesspool of social media. It’s a hate-filled place that depersonalizes others and often forgets the value of the individual.

I read Twitter mostly because media sound off there and it can be useful to me in my work. Otherwise, it’s worthless. I used to get referrals to my website from Twitter, but now, I see none. I guess all the tweaking the left of center thought controllers employ don’t take kindly to the likes of me. That’s fine—the site is free and the paradigm is theirs.

I feel sorry for Whedon. In the end his hatred will harm himself more than others. I see that on a daily basis and it isn’t restricted to a single ideology although the Left has a lower yardstick on acceptable speech simply because the Left controls most media and entertainment.

Maybe we should rethink what we spend our money on. Whedon is a man I really don’t want to subsidize in anyway. If a Republican said some of the things Whedon has said, that Republican would never work in ‘La La Land’ again.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/April 28, 2017)


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