Leftists in West engage in curious love affair with hijab

Tweet from Women in the World

Tweet from Women in the World

Read enough social media posts about politics, and sooner or later the issue of hijab will arise. This custom of dress pops up in surprising places, with contemporary “liberals” urging women who aren’t Muslims to wear hijab. It’s almost as though the left has a new love affair with a female garment that is a linchpin in the very patriarchy the left claims to despise.

Most of us in larger US cities are accustomed to seeing women (and men) in various shades of undress or over-dress. Who among us hasn’t run up on a faithful in the US-based Nation of Islam? That separatist group, by the way, has little in common with Muslims from Eastern countries. NOI is in a class all by itself, a class so unique even the far leftists at the Southern Poverty Law Center view it as a hate group.

In the small country of Austria the country’s leftwing president, said this:

       “Speaking to students at the House of the European Union in Vienna on March 24, [Alexander] Van der Bellen had said that it was his opinion that women had a right to dress however they want. “If Islamophobia continues to spread . . . the day will come when we will have to ask all women to wear headscarves,” Van der Bellen said, according to video footage of the event. “All of them. In solidarity with those who [wear them] for religious reasons.”

Book cover of 'Denied by Allah' by Noor Zaheer (Vitasta Publishing)

Book cover of ‘Denied by Allah’ by Noor Zaheer (Vitasta Publishing)

It didn’t take long for a social media account named Women in the World to jump on the empathy bandwagon by posting a link to left of center The New York Times:

“Muslim mom asks fellow mothers to wear hijab in public and experience Islamophobia for themselves.”

A number of posters on social media naturally called attention to the fact you can’t wear a cross in certain countries where Muslims are the majority. In many of them, try to preach the Christian gospel on a city street and your outcome will likely be a state close to martyrdom.

Personally, I don’t care what a woman wears. As a citizen of the United States of America—most definitely not a citizen of the planet—my rights and the rights of others are protected.

However, hypocrisy cannot go unnoted.

Noor Zaheer

Noor Zaheer, a distinguished author from India, has penned an analysis of women’s rights in Islam, ‘Denied by Allah’ (Vitasta Publishing)

I recall India author Noor Zaheer’s book Denied by Allah. Zaheer is a devout Muslim. Realizing many women in Muslim majority countries can’t read or comprehend laws based on clerical interpretations of the Muslim holy book, Zaheer hoped to inform women about their rights related to marriage and divorce.

Zaheer’s book launch was shut down by angry males. Western media didn’t even give her book a nod although it is most definitely interesting. Women’s rights are seen through a different lens in many countries, as Zaheer explained:

To prove rape the female victim has to state that sexual intercourse had taken place. If she is not able to produce witnesses, this statement is, in practice, viewed judicially as an admission of guilt on her part as having committed adultery, rather than as evidence of rape.”

The far left is a puzzle. For instance, the far left despises the fundamentalist views of Westboro Baptist Church, a very small fringe group also classed as a hate group by SPLC. 

Yet at present the far left appears eager to justify everything about a faith that is in many ways very similar to Westboro. Go figure.

It’s fine by me for a woman to wear a hijab, or a tube top and short shorts. But I won’t be calling on women to don the garb of a faith that may not be their own just to experience a feel-good moment.

As for Islamophobia, I’ll worry more about that one when I hear media and leftists acknowledge their hatred and vitriol is normally targeted at one faith—Christianity. Perhaps when ‘Christianophobia’ is confessed by the left, then we might have a starting point for an honest convo.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/May 2, 2017)

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