Hillary resurfaces, and so did more emails as Senate FBI oversight hearing commenced

Hillary barks like dog

Ad for Donald Trump’s campaign made use of Hillary Clinton’s bizarre impersonation of a barking dog at one of her events. No media asked why she wasn’t acting more presidential. (Via DP Video/YouTube)

Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-CA) may regret asking FBI director James Comey a loaded question during a Senate Judiciary hearing on oversight of the FBI on May 3. As Comey responded, the normally calm director actually showed some emotion. As the hearing commenced, networks were airing parts of another interview with Democrats’ candidate Hillary Clinton chalking up her loss to Comey, Russia, and ‘sexism’.

Meanwhile, more emails containing classified information have surfaced as a result of a lawsuit government watchdog Judicial Watch filed against the US State Dept.

If ever there was a popcorn era in US politics, we are living it. 

Comey pass for Hillary

After FBI director Comey’s self-contradictory statement during the 2016 campaigns, GOP nominee Donald Trump tweeted, “The system is rigged.” (Image: still shot, C-SPAN)

Start with Comey’s virtual rebuttal to a question by Feinstein. The senator wanted to know why Comey announced “11 days before a presidential election” that a new investigation was being opened on another computer tied to Clinton.

Comey, ditching his normally cool persona, appeared somewhat agitated as he explained to the senator he didn’t have a good option. He didn’t mention Mrs. Clinton’s repeated claims she’d turned over all relevant emails, claims upended even before Comey issued a letter to Congress about the matter.

Investigators on former NY Democrat congressman Anthony Weiner’s unrelated case realized metadata indicated “there were thousands of Secretary Clinton’s emails on that device.” Comey implied those emails were critical to determining “intent” related to Clinton’s sending classified information via her private servers when she was secretary.

“Thousands” of Clinton emails on Weiner’s device*, and the FBI wasn’t able to read them until a critical moment in the election. Who bears responsibility for that? Mrs. Clinton has yet to confess she was her own worst enemy on the campaign trail. Weiner, notorious for allegedly texting dicey sexual content to minors, was married to Hillary’s right hand aide Huma Abedin.

Comey’s pronouncements as the election approached were actually touted by the majority of media who backed Mrs. Clinton. Headlines declared her “cleared” by Comey. In fact, Comey gave the former secretary of state a pass because he made a decision not to prosecute her based on his perceptions about her “intent.” Even as he reportedly “cleared her,” Comey cited her carelessness and that of her colleagues. Most Americans who chose to do what Mrs. Clinton did would have faced charges.

Meanwhile, during the Senate hearing, Comey refused to answer a number of questions put forth by chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa). One question related to former Attorney General Loretta Lynch allegedly reassuring Dem operatives the Hillary investigation wouldn’t go “too far” and Clinton would be protected. Comey said he couldn’t talk about that matter—it’s classified.

Why that material would be classified is beyond me. The alleged email to Dem operatives turned up in data that was “hacked”—perhaps when Clinton’s campaign guru John Podesta clicked on a phishing link

As Mrs. Clinton makes the rounds conducting autopsies on her failed campaign, Americans are still in the dark about conspiracy theories regarding Russian hackers and exactly what was found on Weiner’s device. We may never know the full story, at least not in our lifetime, but we do know media and Democrats who believed Mrs. Clinton would easily take the Electoral College were dead wrong.

We also know any American sending the kind of classified material Mrs. Clinton sent on unsecured channels would be doing time in a federal prison right now.

New messages retrieved by Judicial Watch indicate “carelessness” is an understatement regarding Mrs. Clinton’s practices as secretary of state when it came to classified information. 

*The C-SPAN link goes to the live feed. That link will change once the hearing video is archived.*

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/May 3, 2017)

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