Disturbing revelations emerge about Obama administration illicit spying, brutal gangs

MS-13 arrests

Photo of MS-13 gang members being arrested. (FBI)

With Donald Trump in the Oval Office, former president Barack Obama will face scrutiny just as the president he replaced did.

There will be differences of course in media coverage, because the majority of media tilt Democrat.

Two new revelations should be of concern to all of us. 

One involves illicit spying on Americans. Circa broke this story after documents were declassified. Now we have learned the Obama administration was more or less like a spy on steroids. Not only were we spied on, in violation of the beleaguered 4th Amendment. Obama’s agencies apparently shared the information “with unauthorized third parties.” 

As most media focus on silly matters like hand-holding between President Trump and our new First Lady, another revelation received scant attention from the talking heads on evening news programs.

Just as I warned when there was a deluge of mostly young adults coming across the border illegally during Obama’s tenure, the porous border Congress and presidents long ignored presented an opportunity for brutal gangs.

Almost all media reporting on the gang entries are conservative. Fox News, among others, said:

“At least 16 self-proclaimed MS-13 gang members were transferred out of federal custody and into community placement centers across the country during the border surge in unaccompanied children from Central America in 2014, according to a new letter from the Chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs.” 

It stands to reason others came as well. Those 16 may be “self-proclaimed,” but others would naturally not readily confess to belonging to a criminal enterprise known for callousness and cruelty. The NY Post recently featured a story carrying the headline: “MS-13 is turning Long Island into a homicide hotbed.” 

In June, 2014 I wrote a column after watching video of all those young adults, many of them male, stream across the southern border. I titled the column Gangs, human traffickers, drug cartels must be celebrating border breach. 

It appears my assessment was right.

As time goes by, we will likely learn more about the previous administration who largely earned a permanent pass from most legacy media. The fact Americans are focused on nattering over minutiae while real problems fester on the sidelines of a perpetually fractious Congress on both sides of the aisle should alarm us all.

For what seems like the thousandth time, I’ll say it again. If Obama wasn’t a Democrat, he’d be wincing every time he tuned in to his favorite cable channel.

(KBD/May 26, 2017)

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