As anniversary of Pulse massacre approaches, five dead in Orlando due to ‘workplace violence’

Orange County (FL) sheriff PSA

PSA on Twitter @OrangeCoSheriff.

At mid-morning, we still don’t know many specifics about today’s shootings in Orlando. We know that five people are dead and the situation is “contained” after what the sheriff called “workplace violence.”

Orange County authorities held a press conference at 11 a.m. regarding today’s shootings. Authorities said the individual believed to be the shooter killed five people, four men and a woman. Based on the authorities’ statements, it appears the shooter then committed suicide. 

Information revealed in the presser included reports the shooter was a disgruntled employee who was 45 years old and armed with a handgun and knife. The employee was fired in April, and there was a record of minor criminal acts as well as a June, 2014 workplace violence incident. Authorities at this point believe there are no ties to terrorist sympathizers or groups.

Seven survivors are currently being interviewed.

Orange County authorities are posting updates on their Twitter timeline: @OrangeCoSheriff.

On that timeline, a statement says the shooter’s name will be released after next of kin are notified, and another presser will be held at 1 p.m.: “Hope to release shooter’s ID by then.”

The shootings occurred at Fiamma. The website has information about the company, including remarks from a survivor who said her boss had been killed.

For many Floridians, today’s shootings evoked memories of  the Pulse night club massacre.

Footage of the 2016 massacre as police entered the club has been recently released by authorities, with some media saying the footage taken on body cams spans 11 hours.

Six months after the Pulse shootings by Omar Mateen, in January, 2017 his wife Noor Salman was arrested and charged by federal authorities in the final days of President Barack Obama’s tenure. Salman was charged “by indictment with aiding and abetting Omar Mateen’s attempted provision and provision of material support to the Islamic State of Iraq.”

On the Orange County Sheriff’s page, a public service announcement echoed the federal ‘See Something, Say Something’ campaign begun under the administration of former president Barack Obama.

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