Democrats struggle with Comey’s ‘honest loyalty’ in aftermath of obstruction

Dodson 'The Unarmed Truth'

Excerpt from Dodson’s ‘The Unarmed Truth’ (Prologue)

Democrats struggled with former FBI director James Comey’s statements about loyalty in the June 8 hearing conducted by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. High profile Dems like junior senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) applied creativity to the way they framed Comey’s answers.

What’s interesting is the lack of focus on a high profile case of obstruction of justice. 

To put things in context, start with the way Comey phrased his account of President Donald Trump asking about “loyalty.” Comey elaborated on claims Trump asked him about loyalty, but Comey put it differently than Dems and their allies in media:

“He [Trump] said ‘honest loyalty’.”

Harris and others used a harder way to describe this, calling it a “loyalty pledge.” Of course the president can ask for loyalty from any of his employees in the executive branch. That is not surprising, or even illegal, given the anti-Trump initiatives bubbling within the DC cesspool.

This won’t shock anyone who isn’t a fan of traditional media, but what we have here is an enormous double standard.

When it came to former president Barack Obama, his first attorney general, Eric Holder, certainly pledged loyalty and he did so publicly.

Holder put his pledge in terms that, had he not been allied with the left, would have been decried:

“I’m still the President’s wing-man, so I’m there with my boy.”

Let me point out the use of ‘boy’ doesn’t bother me. In the South we call men ‘boy’ routinely, and it is most often used in an affectionate manner. There was no media uproar about the choice of words, even after Holder was replaced by Loretta Lynch.

That declaration aside, the double standard manifests even more when you consider actions taken by Holder and Obama on “matters” like the Fast and Furious scandal. People died on both sides of the US southern border as a direct result of that misguided gun-running operation. We already know Holder wasn’t truthful about it. We know Obama attempted to squelch the investigation,  and we also know bureaucrats vilified the whistleblower who brought it to the public’s attention.

With Fast and Furious, there is a clear case of obstruction of justice, from top to bottom of our federal behemoth. The Obama administration attempted to exert executive privilege, even working to cover up information about the death of a Customs and Border Protection officer. Obama and Holder fought requests for information in federal court—they were shot down by a judge Obama appointed.

Officer Terry Officer Down Memorial Page

Officer Terry’s memorial at the Officer Down Memorial Page. []

The House Oversight Committee has just released a report about the scandal, including this finding among many:

“Holder’s Justice Department tried to hide the facts from the loved ones of slain Border Patrol Brian Terry – seeing his family as more of a “nuisance” than one deserving straight answers – and slamming Obama’s assertion of executive privilege to deny Congress access to records pertaining to Fast and Furious.”

As a matter of fact, Holder’s loyalty was so firm, in a “matter” unrelated to Fast and Furious, Inspectors General for a number of agencies went on record to protest obstructing information critical to the IGs’ work, including a very troubling example. The Peace Corps, said the IGs, “still refuses to provide its OIG with full access to sexual assault records.” 

A film about the Fast and Furious whistleblower  John Dodson was in the works; I hope it will be made. Media buried this story along with so many others on behalf of their preferred party in the White House. If you haven’t read Dodson’s book, The Unarmed Truth, I highly recommend it. It’s a page turner.

As Trump deals with what I view as a soft coup conducted by bureaucrats and financiers with a profit agenda, we should not forget what media, Congress, and others accepted in the previous regime. And we should not forget the loyalty pledge Mr. Holder took and upheld, to the detriment of the US public.

Thus far media have largely ignored the tragic operation involving federally sanctioned gun-running known as Fast and Furious. Obama’s secretary of state Hillary Clinton was never asked about it during her presidential campaign although you can safely bet that operation impacted our foreign policy with Mexico.

You can find a full transcript and video of yesterday’s hearing at C-SPAN. 

As for actual obstruction of justice, solid cases can be made as a result of Fast and Furious. The new FBI director should take note and work from bottom to top of our corrupt bureaucracy.

42 weapons included Fast and Furious

“42 weapons recovered by Mexican military in Naco, Sonora, Mexico, 20 Nov 2009; weapons were investigated by U.S. ICE. Operation Fast and Furious suspect Uriel Patino bought 19 of the weapons pictured one to two weeks earlier.”[ via Wikipedia]

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/June 9, 2017)

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