Spy novel potential: Deep State saga marked by former CIAers, missing data, and false accusations

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As pundits earn their keep debating about President Donald Trump and ongoing ‘investigations,’ many have overlooked the progression in the Deep State saga.

Former CIA spooks, a veritable mountain of missing data, and false allegations have all played a role in this political intrigue.

We were forewarned. None other than a former top CIA official who served both the Clinton and Bush 2 administrations confessed in 2016. 

Start with a warning.

In August, 2016 longtime CIAer Mike Morell penned an editorial for leftist news outlet The New York Times. Morell wrote about his enthusiasm for installing a second Clinton in the White House:

“Between now and then, I will do everything I can to ensure that she [Hillary] is elected as our 45th president.”

Most media let that pass without a second thought. I didn’t. I wrote about it because it should have raised alarms. Morell isn’t just any CIAer. As I pointed out, Morell played a direct role in our lack of preparedness for the 2nd attacks on our homeland on September 11, 2001. I elaborated on Morell’s background in that article. His pledge should have disturbed us, but media made little of it.

It must have been frustrating for Trump critics, both Democrat and Republican, as the election progressed. By the time another former CIAer—wannabe spoiler Evan McMullin—entered the election, one thing was obvious. Stakeholders in the Beltway status quo were eager for someone—anyone!—to help deliver what Hillary Clinton viewed as her White House entitlement.

McMullin is a strange bird. Darling of the #NeverTrump movement and profiteers within it, McMullin knew his CIA work would be shielded from the public. We had no idea what he’d participated in, but that didn’t matter to certain arch conservatives. I think his supporters figured he’d take Utah, and that along with the fictional projections on Hillary’s state wins, would do Trump in. Didn’t work. McMullin is reportedly Mormon and his supporters believed he could take Utah, but he didn’t.

I recall something an aggressive anti-Trump political operative not known for winning told me. I responded to a tweet about the #NeverTrump operatives losing their golden goose or something like that. And he corrected me by saying he’d make even more money now. Now I get what he meant although I didn’t at the time.

Meanwhile down on the GOP farm, efforts were aimed at denying Trump the party’s nomination. Trump earned it, but some simply couldn’t accept a brash businessman whose past hadn’t been sterilized like a typical politico’s.

By December, 2016, one anti-Trump GOP elector grabbed some stage time, appearing on TV shows to denounce the GOP nominee. As Morell did, this political actor penned an editorial for The New York Times to explain why he wouldn’t vote for the GOP nominee. Controversy ensued when that same elector became embroiled in allegations he’d faked some of his background creds. That effort failed too and Trump received the nomination. I am absolutely certain more than one Republican in Congress was devastated by that because Trump might actually demand the leadership get something done.

By early January, 2017, after the political class had completely freaked because they counted on Clinton the 2nd, a hearing on cybersecurity was held. The Russia narrative began to go into full swing. At the center of testimony was former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper who, under President Barack Obama, had falsely assured us regular Americans weren’t being spied on.

By that point in time, numerous hacks and fraud at federal agencies had been widely reported in media.  To date we have no idea of the results of these incidents. As a matter of fact, we don’t know implications of all the missing data from the Clinton administration breaches and thefts.

How could so much data go missing from the Clinton years? Your guess is as good as mine other than the one culprit-thief we know about, the late Sandy Berger.

Shortly after the ‘cybersecurity’ [actually Russia] hearing, none other than NBC dropped a bombshell media largely failed to acknowledge—the ‘unsubstantiated’ memo used to justify investigating Trump and Russia was categorized as ‘disinformation’:

“[Trump] was not actually briefed on the unsubstantiated memo alleging links between the Trump campaign and Russia, and officials brought the two-page summary of the memo to his briefing to serve as an example of “disinformation.”

If you’re still with me, let us pause to chuckle at Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) and Attorney General Jeff Sessions exchanging remarks on spy novels.

Meanwhile, destructive groups like Antifa were out and about destroying property, spreading hatred, and accusing Trump of racism. The racism charge is a favorite for Dems, regardless of the inanity in the charge. Terms like ‘alt-right’ began to proliferate and customary comparisons to the Nazi regime arose. Clinton insider Robert Reich took to the airwaves to promote the idea of a right-wing conspiracy. As we often say on the ‘Nets’, you can’t make this stuff up.

There was even a fake news story claiming Trump had moved the bust of Martin Luther King from the White House. He didn’t. but select media apparently found the fiction useful.

Almost daily on leftist networks Clinton allies appeared to paint Trump supporters as racists, or as the “forgotten man.” It might have been pathetic had the aim not been so insidious.

An ongoing litany of allegations later proven false arose. Claims about Trump collusion with the Russians were proven false, but that didn’t matter. The Deep State then moved to fiction about obstruction of justice and Democrats fell in love all over again with the ex-FBI director whose July press conference exposing Hillary Clinton’s real guilt and malfeasance had them foaming at the mouth in anger.

If anything warranted a special counsel, the whole Clinton servers scandal—note the plural—did. But Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) didn’t call for it. Nor did any Democrats. Perhaps they believed Hillary had earned her pass. Ironically no media, left or right, pointed out the lies regarding the multiple servers although that was a significant revelation by Comey.

We’ve witnessed pundits and leaders calling for impeachment after railing about Hillary’s “popular vote” win. Never mind she got the plurality of those votes from a couple of very large states, and never mind the US is a republic unwilling to submit to mob rule. Ahead of that election every network and every pollster and every pundit obsessed over the electoral map and virtually every outlet declared Mrs. Clinton would be our next president. That is how removed from reality these people are.

The ongoing war on President Trump won’t stop anytime soon. Political shenanigans give cover to politicians who really don’t enjoy disturbing the status quo and having to stick their necks out to effect real change in a government critically in need of reform.

The ‘Russia’ deception is straight up Deep State—it could serve as a plot in a spy novel like those Sen. Cotton referenced. Meanwhile, GOP leaders have reverted to their customary timid approach and Democrat leaders continue to fan flames of divisiveness across the land.

Don’t be fooled by the collusion between bureaucracy and media. That’s what we should be investigating, that and attempts from within our own government to throw an election and to hamstring the president the majority of voters in 30 US states chose.

No one had much to say when Democrats’ national party chair had to step down because of scandal. Few remember the edge Mrs. Clinton received courtesy of a major network contributor sneaking Hillary advance info about debate questions. Fewer still are even talking about an epic scandal brewing courtesy of Democrats serving on the intel committee while employing people who had full access to computers, servers, and electronic devices.

Deep State isn’t a fiction or a conspiracy. If it succeeds, all Americans will be real losers.

For the sake of our republic, the Deep State needs to be drained sooner rather than later as a concerted effort to disenfranchise voters in those 30 US states continues.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/July 15, 2017)

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